What Is A Ghost Ring Sight?

Among iron sights, the ghost ring sights are the most casual one. Apparently they look like small black finished rings. But these sights are greater deals than being just rings.

Also they often vary based on their type and sizes. Hence the question of what is a ghost ring sight needs to be explained rather than being answered directly. We therefore discuss everything related to Ghost ring sight to confirm a clear understanding on Ghost ring sights.

What Is A Ghost Ring Sight

Ghost Ring Sight or Aperture Sight falls in the category of standard iron sights that have two parts. One part of these sights remain in the gun stock, and the other part is located near the barrel from where the bullet fires. Both in adjustable and not adjustable variants they are available.

Ghost Ring Sight

These sights are faster in action than other scopes in close combat situations. Primarily, the police guns and military rifles come with this type of sight usually.

In other words, for self-defense, Ghost Ring Sights are perfect. Moreover, you can trace the target accurately when they are just a few steps ahead.

However, there’s a twist behind their name. They are called ghost ring sights because when you sight in them suddenly, you will get a blurry vision which gives the object quite a ghost-like appearance. That’s why they are known as ghost rings. As well, you have to peep in these sights so they are also known as peep sights.

What Are Ghost Ring Shotgun Sights

Ghost ring sights for shotguns are not something different or specially made. By now, you have got that the ghost ring sight is the perfect fit for close-range shooting. Also, shotguns are best for close combat. Therefore, when it comes to short-range hunting, ring sight on your shotgun will nail it all.

Likely, not all shotguns come with mounted ghost ring sights except for the combat shotguns. But using some handy tools, you can mount them on the receiver of the gun. Also, do not forget about the size of the ghost ring as they differ according to the gun’s size.

How to Use a Ghost Ring Sight

Most of the ghost ring sights are designed to allow easy mounting of the red dot sights. Nevertheless, there are still some steps to multiply their efficiency and comfort in aiming. The following steps on how to aim with ghost ring sights may be found helpful.

How to Use a Ghost Ring Sight

Step-1: Prepare the Things you’ll need

Before you start the zeroing process, make sure you have got all the things ready. The items you’ll need are:

  1. The gun
  2. The Sight(We are using XS sight systems)
  3. A screwdriver for sight adjustments
  4. Safety Gears
  5. Target
  6. Gun rest

Step 2: Get The Gun Ready

Once you are ready with the things, set the gun on the gun rest and take the firing position. Then, fire in a group of 3-5 rounds targeting the bull’s eye through the rear peep sight. Starting at 25 yards would be an ideal distance.

Step 3: Adjust the Sight

Next, see through the ring and adjust it to the point you shot. Start with the windage adjustment by loosening the screw. Then roll the ghost ring aperture clockwise if you want to elevate. If you want it down, then screw counterclockwise.

After adjusting the windage to up or down. Now, set the left or right option. If you want it to be on the left side, then loosen the screw on that side. If you want it on the other side, then loosen the screw on the right side. Finally, get all the screws tightened after making sure about the angle of sight alignment.

Step 4: Fire Again

It is the final step after you finalize the rear sight alignment. First, you see through the ring that you can see the shot point directly which you made in your first firing. If you can, then move the gun targeting the bulls-eye. And fire in 3-5 rounds. If you get the shot, then raise the distance gradually to 100 yards. And your ghost ring sight is ready for the game.

However, keep in mind that not all aperture peep sights are adjustable. And these steps we have organized are best to follow for adjustable aperture sights. if your ghost ring sight is not adjustable then you have to use it as it comes.

Are Ghost Ring Sights Good

The testimony on the good or bad of the ghost ring sight depends on the purpose you are using it.

CAs we said,  the ghost ring sights are ideal for short-range shooting. For shirt range they are always in the expart preference when it comes to quick target acquisition.

Planning to go on a  quick turkey hunt?  Ghost ring sight can be  the best choice for such short-range adventure. On the contrary,  if you want to go for long-range shooting with these sights like deer or elk hunting, they might not be a good choice.

All in all, for self-defense purposes and other speedy close calls, Peep sights are good enough. On the other hand, for night time usage and low lighting conditions they do not work best.


Most probably, all of your queries on a ghost ring sight have come to an end. However, these simple sights are a bit hard to understand as they do not have so much description at first glance. But once you know them, It becomes a piece of cake. On the whole, without any doubt, the ghost ring sight is the best of all types of sights if quick access is the matter.

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