Hunting Wild Boar: Where to Hunt, Hunting Methods, How to Cook

It is time to get out there and hunt wild boar! Wild boar hunting has been a long-time tradition in many parts of the US. Some people even say that it is one of the most fun types of hunting because you can use so many different techniques to take down your prey. In this blog post, we will go over everything you need to know about how to successfully hunt wild boar, as well as some great recipes for cooking your catch.

Wild Boar Hunting

Wild Boar Hunting dates back to the Stone Age, where they would hunt them for their meat and fur. They often hunted them at night because wild boar are nocturnal animals.On average, a hunter will kill around 40-60% of the population in any given hunting season. That is why it is essential to know how to take precautions when you go out wild boar hunting. These animals tend to travel in packs and will often weigh about 250- 400 lbs.The best time to hunt wild boar is in the early morning or late evening because they’re most active at these times, so be sure your gear has a light that can help you see! They use their sense of smell and sight to find food sources, which means if they catch on to your scent, they probably won’t stick around for long.

What to hunt wild boar with?

  • A hunting rifle is a good choice because they are accurate at long range and can be used for quick kills.
  • Shotguns work well when hunting close quarters animals such as deer but may not be the best option if you’re trying to use stealthy techniques while hunting wild boar. A better option for wild boar hunting would probably be a muzzleloader or bow and arrow.
  • Hunting dogs are a great way to track down wild boar in the woods, but they can also be used as an effective defense against them if you should come face to face with one!

Native Areas

Wild boar are native to certain parts of the US, including the southeast and southwest.

Migratory Area

Wild boar can migrate to find food, but they tend to stay within the same region of their home territory for most of their lives. They can travel up to 15 miles a day when searching for food! One reason that wild boar may be so hard to hunt is that they are always on the move.

  • You can hunt wild boar at night, but it is not your best option. Wild pigs are nocturnal animals, meaning they usually emerge after sunrise and before sunset to feed on their natural prey. This is why hunting them during the day or in the morning hours gives hunters a better chance of success!


Trapping is also another form of hunting wild boar. This method uses a “trap” to catch the animals. These are usually made of steel with a floor that is electrified or has spikes on it so that once an animal enters, it cannot get out and will be killed by the trap’s mechanism.

  • Wild boar traps must be built in areas where wild pigs have been spotted before, as this can help you predict their movement patterns!

How To Clean A Wild Boar

After you have killed your pig, it’s time to clean it.

Clean A Wild Boar

  • The first step is to gut the animal, or “gutting” it – this entails removing its guts.
  • Next, you cut off any excess fat and meat from around the body cavity, then take out the intestines with a hooked knife.

Then remove all fatty tissues by cutting them away from the muscle and connective tissue as much as possible, finally trimming it down to even thickness (this process is called “trimming”). This will make your wild boar more delicious!

Finally, rinse off all of your tools in clean water before putting them into boiling water for sterilization. It’s time to enjoy some tasty roasted pork now!It only takes about an hour to cook over the fire.

Another cooking method for wild boar is simply roasting the whole animal over an open fire, which can take anywhere from two to four hours.

  • To roast a wild boar on a spit, use green wood, and be sure to rotate your meat regularly for even cooking until it’s done.

Finally, you must skin them if you do not want the hair left on (because of all that fat). Then hang up your wild boar with some string or wire to cool before cutting into pieces or butchering according to what dish you wish to prepare!

Remember: always clean any surfaces thoroughly after handling these animals because they might carry diseases like trichinosis.

Wild Boar Recipe

One of the best wild boar recipes consists of wild boar meat that has been oven roasted with garlic and olive oil.The following is a list of fantastic boar recipes from the food site Serious Eats:

Wild Boar Recipe

  • Wild Boar Stir Fry With Ginger And Garlic;
  • Slow Cooker Wild Boar Stew With Red Wine And Pearl Onions;
  • Roasted Pig’s Head With Veal Tongue (or any other type of tongue), Pickled Peppers, Lemon Wedges For Squeezing, and Brown Bread Slices for sopping up juices.
  • You can also make sausage out of a pig’s head or cook it as is to eat like an oversized breakfast cutlet!

Remember to remove all hair by scraping off the skin first.Wild boar can make for a delicious meal if the meat is cooked correctly.

In Conclusion

Hunting wild boar can be exhilarating. Wild boar hunters can travel in packs, but this is not always the case. To hunt wild boar in certain parts of the US, you must have a hunting license and tags for that area. It is possible to eat wild boar meat if it has been cooked properly, do remember that pigs are nocturnal, so don’t try hunting them at night!

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