How To Sight In A Pellet Gun Scope?

Sight adjustment confirms your aim is in line. This adjustment however, varies based on the type of firearms you use and the range between you and your prey. 

For instance, pellet guns are easier to sight in than normal rifles. But hunters who are not using a pellet or Airgun often may find it a bit unusual.  So, check out the steps organized below on how to sight in a pellet gun scope.

Create an environment for Sighting In Your Pellet Gun Scope

Airguns don’t need long firing range and make so much noise, so you can zero in both indoors or outdoors with ease. However, it requires some precautions especially when you are going to do it indoors. Some mandatory things to keep in mind are:

How To Sight In A Pellet Gun Scope
  1. Clear the place where you are going to zero the gun.
  2. Get the table ready where you are going to place the gun rest.
  3. Fix the paper targets you want to shoot on and ensure there’s a solid backrest.
  4. Keep a screwdriver to adjust the scope.
  5. Put on the safety glasses. And you’re all set.

Sighting In Your Pellet Gun Scope

Once you finish taking all the necessary precautions to confirm the right set up you are ready to sight in . Following steps will help you in doing it the way it should be.

Sighting In Your Pellet Gun Scope

Step 1: Attach the scope and set it on the gun rest

First, mount the scope properly on the gun. Then set it on the gun rest. If you do not have a gun rest, you can use a clamp to keep the gun steady.

Step 2: Mark the target

Now take a marker and mark the paper target you want to fire. However, you can get the practice target online. After marking, place it at a minimum of 10-15 feet distance from the gun with a solid backstop.

Step 3: Load the gun and fire

Next, load the gun and fire, focusing the bulls-eye sighting through the scope. At the first shot, you will not get the bulls-eye. Don’t worry! Your scope adjustment is yet to get changed.

Step 4: Adjust the scope

After that, see through the scope and set up the elevation turret(Vertical knobs) and the windage turret(Horizontal knobs) with the screwdriver. Adjust the cross-hair exactly on the mark you’ve got on the first firing.

Step 5: Fire again

Once you adjust the scope, move your crosshair on the bulls-eye and fire again. If your adjustment knobs are set perfectly then, you will be able to hit it perfectly. If not, then forward to the final step.

Step 6: Adjust Again and Fire

Now adjust the turrets again and focus on the bulls-eye target. Finally, fire on, and you will surely hit the bullseye.

If you succeed in the final step, you can extend the target’s distance to 10 to 25 yards. All you have to do is to repeat the steps. If you can’t hit the bullseye even after the second adjustment, your scope mount is not set perfectly.

Common Questions Sighting In Your Pellet Gun Scope

1. How many shots should I take when zeroing a scope?

Answer:  Taking 3 shots at once when zeroing is standard. However, you have to take 1 to 5 shots as per your choice.

2.  What’s the Best Distance to Zero an Air Rifle Scope?

Answer: When indoor, you can zero the scope within the range of 10-15 feet. Then you can extend the range up to 20-25 yards gradually.

3. Do these steps work for iron sights?

Answer: No, these steps will not work in iron sights. Zeroing the iron sight is a whole different process to work on.

4.  What do you need to do before you start the zeroing process?

Answer: the process of zeroing air rifles can be done with some handy tools. However, as a preparation, you can put on safety gears and mount the scope properly on the gun.

5. Which focal plane should I choose for my air rifle?

Answer: The First Focal Plane(FFP) Scopes are suitable for short-range shooting and the Second Focal Plane(SFP) scopes are best for long-range shooting. In other words, if you want 10x magnification in a 30-meter range, then the First Focal plane scope is okay. If you want 20x magnification in 40 meters ranges, then go for the Second Focal Plane Scopes.

Final Thought

So, the process of how to sight in a pellet gun scope is an easy thing to do. Isn’t it? However, you have to be focused and patient to achieve the exact hit. Also, don’t forget to keep the knob caps on always to keep the adjustments okay. Do not forget to try on the target from different distances.

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