How To Remove Front Sight On AR15 A2

Want to give your AR15 A2 a sturdier look? Then adding a fancy free float tube or AR scopes would be an advantage indeed. But the A2 front sight is the stumbling block.

However, it’s not rocket science to get rid of it. Also, Doing It Yourself would be a penny-pinching decision.

All you need is a proper guide and some handy tools. And, the steps below on how to remove the front sight on AR15 A2 is a piece of cake you need. Besides, all the tools and safety precautions are added for your ease.

Items You Will Need To Remove Front Sight On AR15 A2 

Removing the iron sights on AR15 A2 is a pretty challenging task. Mostly when you are a home gunsmith, however, having the proper tools can make things easier. So, here’s some of the AR15 front sight removal tools you’ll need:

  • Clamps
  • Vice grips
  • Three quarter inch wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Calipers
  • Steel punch
  • Light hammer
  • Multi-tool

How To Remove Front Sight On AR15 A2 

Once you are done with the primary preparations to remove the A2 front sight. Now it’s time to go for the operation. These steps we’ve organized down below are all tested and applied. So, try to follow them as instructed to get it done successfully.

How To Remove Front Sight On AR15 A2

Step 1: Remove the Upper and Clamp It On

Remove the Upper and Clamp It On

Disassemble the upper of the gun. Then place it in the vice considering the barrel size of your gun. Use the smallest one if yours is a 0.75 barrel. However, remember to torque the barrel properly in the clamp.

Step 2: Remove the Muzzle Device

Remove the Muzzle Device

Take the three-quarter-inch wrench and loosen the muzzle brake. Do not forget to keep an eye on the orientation of the crush washer of the muzzle brake.

Step 3: Take the Foregrip Off

Take the Foregrip Off

After taking off the muzzle device, it’s time to remove the handguards/foregrip as well. Unscrew the handguard using the screwdriver. And then remove the handguard.

Step 4: Measure and Remove the Taper Pins

Measure and Remove the Taper Pins

You will notice there are two taper pins in the sight base. The pin head is small on one side and bigger on the other. So, take the calipers and measure both the sides of the sight pins, and keep notes for later assembling.

Once you get the measurement, hammer it from the smaller side with the steel pin punch. Pull out the pins gently. Essentially, do not use a larger punch or an oversized punch as they can make the pin head mushroomed. Therefore, use the exact size punch that matches with the sight base.

Step 5: Loosen and Detach the Rifle Front Sight

Loosen and Detach the Rifle Front Sight

Next, hold the gun tight and grab the front sight to remove it. Start to wiggle the sight left and right and drag it forward. Make sure you are not wiggling too hard as the gas tube is attached to the front sight. If you do so, it can break the sight  and alignment and bend the gas tube.

Step 6: Unplug The Delta Ring

Unplug The Delta Ring

Finally, place the upper of the gun in the clamp again. After you place it on the clamp, take the delta ring off using the multi-tool. Once you get the delta ring off  the barrel gets detached from the upper. And you are all set to install your free float tube.

Warnings And Safety Tips When Removing Front Sight On AR15 A2  

As you are dealing with one of the most dangerous and popular semi-automatic rifles, you have to maintain some safety. Also, some precautions so your gun remains completely in order. They are:

  1. Before you disassemble the gun make sure it is not loaded.
  2. Do not miss the safety gear like glasses and gloves.
  3. Use some soft towels on the vices to keep the barrel scratch-free.
  4. Do not use a brass punch to unpin the sight, use steel pins only. And be gentle on the pins. If they are tight, apply some oil.
  5. Do not put so much pressure on the sight when removing as the gas plug is thin and can get bent. 


We are all done with the process of AR front sight removal. Initially you may find the process a bit troublesome, especially when removing the sight base pins. However, doing it right will help you to know your gun more and will save money. All in all, this homely process to remove the front sight on AR15 A2 may leave some spots on the gun’s body. Now worries, using a soft towel on the vice can reduce the risk.

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