How to Measure Scope Height [Easy Step]

Understanding the proper measurements of the scope is the key factor of target acquisition. However, in primary stages, it may not seem to be a big matter to think of, but it is necessary to have the scope at the right height in the mainstream bloodsport.

But understanding how the lens creates an image and how the bullet gets the objects at their dropping points is essential before knowing how to measure scope height. These guides will show step by step –  why you need to have proper scope height and how to get it to confirm the target acquisition.

Why You Need To Measure Scope Height

The height of the scope has a greater deal with the accuracy of shooting. More specifically, when hunting, if your gun’s scope is too high from the rifle, it gets harder to achieve the target. Apparently, if you do not have the right gun scope height, then there will be bigger differences with your point of impact at your hunting ranges.

How to Measure Scope Height

In short, the incident light hits the lens and travels through a straight line to create the image of the object.

On the other hand, bullets travel from the barrel point to the targeted object creating loops. That is to say, for gravity in its way; the bullet loses speed. Hence can not travel straight or the way we see the prey through the scope. Instead, the bullet travels in a loop, and the point of the bullet drop doesn’t meet the targeted point. Apart from this, the interception also occurs due to disrupting the barrel point once the trigger is pulled.

Thus, when there is a good distance between you and your prey, the target depends on the proper scope adjustment. Therefore, mounting the scope at the right height is mandatory when it comes to long-range shooting.

How To Measure Scope Height

Measuring scope height means determining the distance between the center of bore and the center of scope. You can simply measure it with a steel ruler. But when you want to be more specific about the results, you have to go through these steps below:

How To Measure Scope Height

Step 1:

First, you have to prepare with all the tools you’ll need. However, it’s an easy process, and very few tools you’ll need. They are:

  • Gun rest or clamp
  • 6-inch steel ruler
  • Digital Calipers
  • Pen and piece of paper
  • Calculator

Step 2:

Set the gun on the gun rest or in the clamp to keep it in a steady position. Using gun rest is a better option as clamps can leave scratches on the gun’s body.

Step 3:

Now take the calipers and measure the diameter of the bottom of the bolt and note it down. Also, measure the diameter of the ocular bell in the same way. Suppose you’ve got 0.100 as the width of the ocular bell and 0.50 as the width of the bottom of the bolt.

Step 4:

After that, Divide both the obtained values of the bolt diameter and the ocular bell by 2. Our measurements will be (0.100/2=0.50) for the ocular bell and (0.50/2=0.25)for the bolt. The values you’ve got are the radius of the bolt and the ocular bell. Furthermore, add both the radius values, which will be (0.50+0.25=0.75).

Step 5:

Next, retake the digital calipers and set it from the bottom of the ocular bell to the top of the bolt. And keep note of the measurement, which I am assuming is 1.50 inches.

Step 6:

Finally, add both the radius values and height values (1.50+0.75= 2.25), and the result will be the ultimate measurement of your scope height.

These steps we have described are based on a rifle scope, and the measurements we have given are all assumed for your ease of understanding. However, following this method can help you out in measuring scope height exactly.


In the final analysis, measuring the scope height is not a hard job to do. All you need is to understand a bit of physics and have to do some math. That’s all! But keep one thing in mind that this simple task significantly impacts your achievement of the target.

So, always make sure you have the scope with the right height. And, the scope height of 1.5 to 1.8 inches is ideal. likely, the obtained results of the scope tube diameter and the bolt diameter will help you to measure the height in the online calculator.

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