How to Keep Your Feet Warm While Hunting [Pro Tips]

Do you think your Pairs of hunting boots are enough to keep your feet warm in that ice-cold low temperature?

It does not matter how good your hunting boots are, keeping your feet warm while hunting in cold weather means a lot more than that . So stop spending on wrong or heavy boots as it is nothing but creating more issues. Instead, doing the right thing and knowing what to take into account may lead you to the right solution. Here I share 14 tricks and tips on how to keep your feet warm while hunting. And I am sure,  you are not going to complain any more ‘my toes are freezing off ‘once you finish with all these.

Why Is It Important To Keep Your Feet Warm

Keeping feet warm while hunting is not just important, rather in some points, it is everything. Your feet travel through those creeks, mud, and all the rough paths covered with snow in the sheer cold weather. It is the only part of your body that stays in touch with the cold earth until you call it a day.

The blood circulation gets hampered and finally causes hypothermia. Thus, your whole body along with your feet starts to lose heat faster than it can produce. When it becomes severe, it needs emergency medical aid as well. Hence you become unable to stand straight, let alone hunting a deer.

How to Keep Your Feet Warm While Hunting  (14+ Tips and Tricks)

How to Keep Your Feet Warm While Hunting 

1. Wear the right socks

The first thing to keep your feet warm when hunting is to choose the right socks. Avoid using cotton socks because they can make your feet sweat more and get cold faster. However, socks made with Merino wool and other synthetic materials can do the right job.

2. Electric Socks

An electric sock is a modern solution to keep your feet warm in winter. These socks with batteries would be an excellent choice to keep the heat circulation right. If you don’t like to have some batteries on your socks, the sock liner is a good choice.

3. Eat The Right Food

Our whole body gets energy from the food we eat. On that note, we can say having the right food is vital to keep ourselves warm in the cold weather and our regular life. Avoid oily and spicy junk foods before hunting. However, trying some honey, nuts, and chocolate with butter can keep the blood circulation smooth and the feet warm for long. Also, try to consume as much protein as possible.

4. Keep The Feet Dry

When it comes to keeping the feet warm, it must have to be dry. Once you get sweat on your feet, then you can’t prevent getting cold. So, apply some deodorant 5 to 6 hours before you put on your socks. Because, deodorants need that duration to become active. Once it becomes active, it will block the sweat glands for a certain period.

5. Keep Your Head Covered

As the study shows, if the head is not covered perfectly, then you can lose 40-45% of your body heat in no time. Also, if the body starts to lose heat, the feet will soon lose it, no matter how insulated the boot you are on. So, you must use a cap that not just keeps your head covered but your ears also. Because, cold wind through the ear ultimately hits the head.

6. Choose the Right Boot

It doesn’t matter if you have the best wool socks or head covering if you do not have the right boot. So go for the right hunting boots for cold weather that confirms proper insulation. Also, try not to get the ones with steel toes as the steel gets cold faster. Besides, make sure the boots are waterproof and have enough space inside to keep your feet in a breathable position.

Choose the Right Boot

7. Get Boot Pads For Extra Protection

Some insulated boot pads would be a plus to the right boots and socks. It will reduce the chance of conduction. Means your feet will no longer lose its warmth due to the cold sole of the boot. The boot pads made with leather or fleece can be the right option.

8. Cardboard or Mat

Hunting demands patience. To get a good hunt, sometimes you have to rest your feet for hours. In no circumstances it would be a wise choice to keep the feet still on the snow for long. So, having a piece of cardboard or an insulated mat would be an instant aid. These things will prevent your feet from getting in contact with the direct cold and will keep them stable for long.

9. Keep the Feet Moving

Silence is a must when the prey is detected. But till then, you need to keep your feet moving. In other words, it would not be appreciating standing somewhere on the ice-cold ground at a stretch. Because this may reduce the blood circulation in the feet.  And experienced hunters know it well how to take those noise-free steeps while marching towards the prey. When a short break is needed, find a dry and warm place.

10. Boot Covers

Boot covers are the alternatives to the cardboard or mat. It is a bit hard to move with the cardboards as they are not so portable, and the mats are an extra burden. Instead, boot covers can be a good replacement for them. Boot covers confirm the same insulation as the mat or cardboard, but the ace is its portability.

11. Heat Packs

Heat packs are commonly used for keeping the hands warm. But, they can also be used to keep your feet warm for 3 to 4 hours. These amazing things are available in multiple sizes. So, get the size you need. Keep in mind, they shouldn’t come in direct contact with your skin. If it happens, then you might get some unwanted guests like blisters.

12. Cotton Balls

This one is a proven life hack to keep the feet warm. I personally apply this hack to keep the moisture away. To try this hack, you just need to place cotton balls between your toes, and you are all good to go.

13. Duct Taping the Seams

It may seem a bit unusual but believe me, it works! So, just gently use some duct tape to cover the boot seams. It blocks the cold wind entering inside the boots and thus keeps the feet warm. Remember, do not tape it too hard. Otherwise, it will reduce the blood circulation in the feet.

14. Avoid Direct Contact With Metal

Metal is a good conductor of heat as well as cold. So, it is essential to keep a reasonable distance from the metal sources when hunting. Instead, use a Polyurethane mat and avoid standing on the metal post. Also, do not wear the boots with steel toes and cover your seat with a piece of thick cloth if it is made of metal.


Nothing is more frustrating than cutting your trip short in the middle of it and returning home empty-handed. The Best way to keep feet warm while hunting is being proactive and taking the proper precaution. Unlike many steps shared here and there, the tips I share have practical values. These 14 tricks can be your ace in the hole in keeping your feet warm for the forthcoming season. Don’t forget to write to me about how it goes this year. Seize the day!

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