How to Fix a Blurry Scope?

If you are a hunter then scopes with faults have impacts on your luck for sure. For instance, blurry scope, enough to take you home empty-handed.

There are a number of reasons for a blurry scope such as lack of maintenance, wrong adjustments, nature,  physical issues and many more.

How to fix a blurry scope  has been a question asked frequently. However, there are plenty of solutions but how many of them  really work?  This guide explains the potential reasons behind it and a few steps to resolve them. Let’s know what they are.

Why is Your Rifle Scope Blurry

There are several reasons responsible for a blurry scope. However, before you approach to fix it you must identify the reasons behind it.  We did it for you and explained the issues with their solutions.

Rifle Scope Blurry

Wrong Adjustments of Reticle

The wrong adjustments of the reticles are quite responsible for the blurriness. However, the scope reticle blurry issues most of the time remain unnoticed even by the professionals. So, check the reticle at a neutral surface and make sure it’s not giving a blurry image. If it is then you have to refocus it.

Lack Of Cleanliness

This is the most common reason for blurry scopes. If you do not clean the scope after usage specks of dirt can get stored in the lenses and can make the vision blurry.

Improper parallax adjustment

Simply the Parallax correction turrets are also known as the side turrets. In scopes, this feature is often called Adjustable Objective or AO. If your scope comes with this feature then it needs more attention in the setting. If the Parallax adjustment is not perfect then your sight can get blurry.

Scope Not Properly Mounted

If you do not mount the optic in the proper manner then the scope will remain wobbly. The wobbly scope in action can give blurry sight.

Magnification Issues

Sometimes because of high magnification, the scope shows the blur images. This problem is related to the parallax. Also, it is easily solvable. The high magnification scopes at their full range can cause blurriness. However, by adjusting the parallax and magnification setting at a low range you can solve this issue.

Water Vapor Inside Scope

This problem happens most of the time with non-waterproof scopes. Also, the scopes without nitrogen infusion face this issue. In non-waterproof scopes during rainy weather can get the water inside and create blurriness.

And in non-nitrogen scopes because of moisty weather water vapor and store. If you notice this problem with your scope then remove it immediately try to dry it as soon as possible. Otherwise, rust can form inside.


Mirages are natural phenomena and the blurriness caused by mirages has no functioning with the scopes. The problem with mirages happens mostly on summer days. The image you see through the scope shows a heatwave-like effect and gets blurry.

How to Fix a Blurry Scope?

You’ve got the reasons that cause blurry scope. Now it’s time to know how to fix a scope with blurriness. Here the demonstration about fixing the issues we have mentioned above.

How to Fix a Blurry Scope?

Adjusting the Reticle

Adjusting the reticle to the right position is quite easy. All you need is some patients to remain focused. Follow these steps to adjust the blurred reticles:

  1. Get the scope ready by removing the cap front of the objective lens.
  2. Make sure the eyepiece is not attached to the scope.
  3. Select a surface that is neutral to test the blurry reticle.
  4. Try to see the target directly through the scope and see if you notice the blur reticle.
  5. Then keep repeating this process in different settings.
  6. Once you get the sharp reticle, note down the settings so next time the process becomes easier for you.

Finally, get the scope mounted and attach all the items and make sure that the reticle is clear. If okay then you are all good to go.

Cleaning The Scope

Cleaning the scope is a regular part of maintenance. However, this is the prime reason for making a scope blurry. Here some of the ways to keep the scope clean:

  1. Get a microfiber cloth and pour some cleaning substance on it.
  2. Gently rub the objective lens and the eyepiece lens with the cloth.
  3. Clean the corners with cotton buds.
  4. Check if there are any specks of dirt left in the light.
  5. Repeat the process until you get the crystal clear image.

Note: You can spray water on the scope if it is waterproof. And remember to clean the scope regularly but do not overdo it.

Parallax Adjustment

The side turrets or the Adjustable Objectives(AO), complicated adjustment, and not all scopes come with these features. Here some of the fixes to Parallax adjustment to clear the blurry scope.

  1. Determine the target distance from the scope with a rangefinder.
  2. Now set your objective lens on the markings you’ve determined.
  3. Then see through the scope and adjust the knobs.
  4. Keep adjusting until you get a clear detailed image.
  5. Finally, check you are getting a clear image in the highest and lowest range of your scope.

If you are getting the view clearly at all ranges, the parallax of your scope has been adjusted successfully. 

Solving Mirage Issues

As you have already got the mirages are natural phenomena. So, practically the mirage problems have no relation with the scopes mechanism.

However, as the mirages are the illusions created by the hot waves you can terminate your shooting plan or have to find a shield.

Also, reducing the magnification level can help with solving the mirage issues. That’s why reduce the magnification range of your scope when facing mirages, hopefully, you will get a better sight.

Solving Magnification Problems

To solve the magnification blurriness problem first you have to understand the type of your scope. If your one is with side turrets then the magnification issues will be resolved after parallax adjustment.

On the other hand, the regular scopes on the highest, like in 150 to 200 yards give blurry vision. In this case, reduce the magnification level when you are shooting a close target. You will get a clear image.

Finally, comes the low budget scopes, the manufacturers sometimes to reduce the price use low-quality lenses on the scopes. So, always go for the good quality ones.

Rifle Scope Maintenance Tips

Scopes in the guns are as essential as sensitive attachments. As they are vital for getting the bullseye, it is also a prime duty to maintain them properly. Here are some of the important tips to maintain your rifle scope properly.

  1. Always keep the objective and eyepiece lens clean using a microfiber cloth.
  2. never spray the cleaning substance directly to the lenses rather spray them on the microfiber cloth.
  3. Use soft things like a q-tip wrapped with microfiber to clean the ridges and tight spots.
  4. If your scope runs with a battery then keep the battery removed when you are not using it.
  5. Remember to keep the lenses covered when the optic is not in use.
  6. Do not use oil in the scope, it harms the interior so much.
  7. Keep the lenses clean but do not overdo it otherwise the lenses will get scratched.


It doesn’t matter if you have a scope for 6.4 Creedmoor or .264  Winchester Magnum, blur issues are common. However, these solutions we’ve provided on how to fix a blurry scope are all tested practically. Also, all the possible common causes of a blurry scope are now under one roof. So, find the problem in yours and solve it now. After all, Einstein quoted “we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

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