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Welcome to Hunting Illustrated, your go-to resource for literally everything hunting related. We literally cover everything to do with hunting, from the best binoculars for night hunting, all the way through to the best elk calls.

Whether you are in the market for a new tree blind, pair of waders, rifle scope or a knife sharpener – we have you covered.

Hunting Illustrated offers general information and advice on a variety of different hunting gear, allowing you to compare and ultimately choose the one best suited to your needs. We also provide detailed reviews and comparisons of different products, so you can make an informed purchase.

Hunting Illustrated was started by Wyatt Baker. He’s an NRA member, an avid outdoorsman, long-time angler, and a big Patrick McManus fan. You can find more about him here.


When I first started hunting, I didn’t fully appreciate how a great pair of binoculars could give me an edge. And an edge is the difference between a successful hunt and a scratch.

In their simplest form, binoculars are used to spot prey that’s too far to see with the naked eye. But in reality, they offer so much more. You have everything from image stabiliZation through to low light, compact, range-finding and a whole load more.

To make things even more complicated, there are literally hundreds of brands to choose from. Everything from top brands like Bushnell and Vortex, through to private label sellers on the Amazon marketplace.

We have covered pretty much every type of question you could think of in our massive binocular FAQ guide. We also have in-depth articles covering everything from the best hunting binoculars on a budget, through to the best compact binoculars.


A good hunting blind is an essential piece of kit for any serious hunter. While they primary purpose is to keep you concealed from your prey, they also double up as a shelter from the elements. No more laying on the cold, damp ground.

There are different types of blinds for a variety of different hunts – some no more complex than a tent-like structure, and others more like mini treehouses. The legality of various kinds of blinds may vary according to season, state, and location so it’s best to check this beforehand.

As with binoculars, there are a load of different manufactures and brands on the market. To complicate things, there are also different types of blinds. You have everything from ground blinds, through to hunting tents, elevated blinds and even blinds designed to help pack meat.

We have you covered though! Not only do we have a massive hunting blind FAQ section where we have the answers to the most frequently asked questions, but we also have in-depth blind buyers guides where we compare different products – both their pros and cons.


Elk are one of the largest species within the deer family – and what a rush it is hunting these magnificent animals.

While some choose to hunt elk for their meat, there is also an agricultural need to curb their numbers – they are susceptible to infection disease which can be passed to other livestock.

Whether you’re hunting for sport, meat, or other reasons there are a variety of things you can use to improve your hunt. These include slingshots, ear protectors (if you’re shooting them), calls to attract them, scopes, headlamps, and flashlights.

As with most things, there are a ton of manufactures and product styles each designed for a slightly different purpose. You will naturally have questions about what is right for you. With this in mind, we have created a super elk hunting FAQ guide that answers the most frequently asked questions.

Like the categories above, we also have a ton of informative elk hunting buyer guides that will guide you through the purchasing process, ensuring you have the right equipment.


Hunting clothes – sounds basic right? Wrong!

What are the best pants for cold weather? What are the best waders for duck hunting? These and a load of other questions are covered in our hunting clothes FAQ guide.

When it comes to hunting, your success is highly dependent on your gear, and nothing it more important than the correct clothing. Not only do the right items allow you to stay concealed and hidden, but they provide much needed protection from the elements.

Staying warm and dry may sound trivial, but when you’re laying on the cold, damp floor for hours it becomes important pretty fast.

We have some great hunting clothes buyers guides that cover everything from the best upland hunting jackets, through to the best gloves for duck hunting and the best hunting backpacks. As you would expect, the guides are very in-depth and informative so you know exactly what your buying, and more importantly – why!

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