Bow Hunting in Wisconsin: All You Need To Know

Bowhunting in Wisconsin is a unique opportunity for hunters. Bowhunting in Wisconsin can be challenging, but that’s because we have some of the most rewarding and challenging game to hunt! In this blog post, I’ll go over all you need to know about bow hunting in Wisconsin, including: what types of animals are hunted, when to go bow hunting in WI, how tough it is (and what gear you need), whether or not you should find a group or go individually and finally – where the best place is to get started!

Some of the most often bow hunted game in Wisconsin includes deer, bear, turkey, and coyote (though we also have the opportunity to pursue other animals like beaver). Some of the best times for bow hunting in Wisconsin are during October-December, when bucks are on their rut, and November-February. The weather conditions that provide the most success include clear days with cool nights.

Bow Hunting For Deer

Bowhunting for Deer in Wisconsin can be rewarding and challenging due to the strict regulations that are in place for hunting deer. Hunting Deer is allowed only from September 15th to the last day of February, and a License must be purchased before you purchase your tag. This limits your hunting season, and often, you can put in for a tag but don’t get drawn.

Bow Hunting For Deer

Bow Hunting For Bear

Bowhunting for bears in Wisconsin can be a lot of fun, but it can also be expensive. You have to purchase a bear tag before you buy your hunting license, and if the numbers are low in an area, hunters could spend an entire season without ever seeing one. Hunting a bear with a bow is probably one of the most challenging hunts you will ever do.

Bow Hunting For Turkey

Bowhunting for turkey in Wisconsin is one of the easier hunts to go on. There are areas of the state with turkey hunting seasons from March 15th- April 30th, and it is only during these times you can hunt them with a bow. Unlike hunting deer or bear, using a bow for turkey is relatively straightforward.

Bow Hunting For Coyote

Bow Hunting for Coyotes in Wisconsin can be a bit of a challenge. You need to be more cautious and have your eyes peeled for them while stalking around, but it is not as difficult as hunting deer or bears with a bow. Hunting coyotes in Wisconsin can also be dangerous. It’s essential to be aware of your surroundings and the areas you are hunting in.

Wisconsin Bow Hunting

Some of the best areas in Wisconsin to go bow hunting include the Northwoods and the Prairie Pothole Region. The best time to go bow hunting in Wisconsin in October, November, December, or January.

Wisconsin Northwoods

The Wisconsin Northwoods is a popular bow hunting location. It is home to a variety of games, including bear. You must keep in mind weather conditions and the time of year before going bow hunting here as it can be freezing at times during these seasons.

The Wisconsin Prairie Pothole Region

The Wisconsin Prairie Pothole Region is also an excellent area for bow hunting. This region has vast wetlands full of waterfowl. This makes for great wintertime opportunities where there are many different types of species to take advantage of with your arrows.

Bow Hunting Gear

Some of the gear needed to bow hunt in Wisconsin includes a tree stand, a bow, arrows, and arm guards. The best time to go is during the early fall when you have plenty of daylight hours

Bow Hunting Gear

The right type of clothing would be layered as it can get icy in Wisconsin, even though some days don’t require any extra gear at all. It also helps if you bring food with you for snacks or lunch break.

As far as safety goes while hunting make sure to always wear your bright orange vest so other hunters will know where not to shoot their arrow!

One should never hunt alone in Wisconsin- this increases your risk significantly by having someone else around who can help keep watch on things like movement from game animals and much more. And because others need to know your location and allow for a safe hunting experience within a hunting party, it’s best to hunt in two or more groups.

Hiking around the woods and forests is the best way to find your game- whether you’re looking for deer, bear, or any other type of animal that can be hunted with an arrow.

It’s also important to know what kind of gear will work well for Wisconsin bow hunting conditions: you’ll need either a recurve bow (closer range) or a compound bow (longer distances). You’ll want something reliable as well, so if possible, bring along binoculars too!

Wisconsin has many fantastic places where one could go out on their own during archery season- but it would be wise not to do this because there are enormous consequences.

Best Place In Wisconsin for Bow Hunting

The absolute best place to go bow hunting in Wisconsin would be where you’re comfortable and feel confident. Remember that Wisconsin weather can be brutal at times, so you want to make sure you’re prepared.

In Conclusion

Bow Hunting in Wisconsin is not only doable but an enriching experience. With many different games available and decent seasons available, Wisconsin is a great place to hunt. It is essential to remember that bow hunting in Wisconsin is not as easy as it may seem, and you need to be prepared for any eventuality.

Preparation, patience, a little luck- all of these are necessary when bow hunting in Wisconsin. It would also be wise to get the proper gear before heading out into the woods because this will ensure your safety and make sure that you enjoy every moment!

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