Big Game Hunting Rifles: Which To Choose and Why

Hunting is a tradition passed down through the generations for many people in North America. Rifles are an essential part of hunting, so it is crucial to find one that suits your needs. These rifles can be used for different types of animals, such as deer and elk. In this blog post, we will discuss what kind of rifle you need for big game hunting(I love my 6.5 Creedmoor rifle and scope), how to choose a rifle suited to your needs, and some helpful tips on getting started!

Why You Need A Rifle For Large Game Hunting

One of the reasons you need a good rifle for big game hunting is because you want to reduce the risk of injury or damage to yourself and your prey. A gun is a tool that should be used with precision, not thrown around like some toy.

Additionally, using a rifle allows for cleaner kills than other hunting methods such as bow hunting or fishing. This means less blood loss and animal suffering on both ends! The use of firearms also makes it easier to get an accurate shot from afar without having any chance at spooking game before contacting them up close.

If you are considering hunting in areas where there are large populations of coyotes or feral cats, it would be beneficial to have a long-range weapon handy because these animals will flee when they hear gunfire. Lastly, rifles are one of the best ways to ensure that meat is safe to eat.Hence, for these reasons and more, you must use a rifle when hunting game! The best rifles for big game are those with high FPS and good accuracy at range.

Ammo choice also plays an important role in your hunt’s success. Different calibers have varying degrees of effectiveness against large animals such as bears or moose, which may be difficult to stop if hit in vital regions like the heart or head. There are many excellent choices available on the market today. Still, we recommend looking into guns from Remington, Savage Arms, Ruger Firearms Company, and Winchester Repeating Arms Company because they tend to build their firearms accordingly while remaining affordable options for hunters on any budget.

Remington Rifles For Big Game

Remington rifles can be used for big game hunting because they provide adequate power and accuracy for the task.Examples of Remington rifles with high FPS and good accuracy at range include:Remington 700 Model Seven Predator – Bolt Action Rifle (300 Win Mag)

Remington Rifles

Model 700 in 300 Winchester Magnum caliber is a bolt-action rifle that features an adjustable trigger, removable pillar bedding block system, free-floating barrel, and fully enclosed steel ejection port, which provide durability while keeping weight to a minimum. The firearm comes equipped with industry-standard iron sights, but other optics can be attached through Picatinny rails located on top of the receiver or by using mount rings or scope mounts. This rifle also has a heavy-duty recoil pad that absorbs felt recoil from shooting this powerful cartridge, so it’s comfortable enough to shoot accurately, even for a beginner hunter.

Savage Arms Rifle

Savage Arms Rifles are another excellent choice for big game hunting because they offer a lot of power, lightweight, and are very accurate. This rifle is also known for being reliable with its heavy-duty steel construction and simple design that includes the built-in Accu-Trigger, which has an adjustable trigger pull weight that allows you to set it as light or as hard as you want it.

Savage Arms Rifle

Winchester Rifles

The Winchester Rifle has been around for over 150 years and is one of the best hunting rifles for big game. This rifle comes in various calibers with an excellent reputation for being reliable, accurate, and powerful enough to take down any animal you are hunting, no matter how large it may be.

Ruger Rifles

The Ruger brand rifle is known for being accurate and has a modern design that makes it lightweight and easy to carry. This rifle is also known for its low recoil and the variety of calibers available, including .22, .243, 30-06 and so much more.

What Are The All-Around Top Hunting Rifles?

The all-around best hunting rifle depends on what type of prey you’re going after, but most hunters agree that Winchester would have to be at the top of their list as they make some spectacular guns which come in several sizes including .243, 30-06 Springfield, 270 Win., 300 WSM (Winchester Short Magnum)

Rifle Ammo

The right ammo will depend on what big game animals you’re hunting but most hunters use .270 Winchester rounds due to their accuracy at short distances. Other popular rounds include the 0°0’08” Calibre Rifles (.243), 30/06 Springfield, 32 Win Special,300 Weatherby Magnum, 338 Lapua Mag., 300 WSM (Winchester Short Magnum)

Why Bow Hunting Is Not Recommended For Big Game

Bow Hunting is not recommended for big game hunting because it is not highly accurate. The power of a single arrow can damage an animal’s pelt, without actually killing the animal. Bowhunting is an advanced form of hunting that requires a lot of skill and precision to make work. Only highly advanced bowhunters should consider using this method on big game.

In Conclusion:

The best rifle for big game hunting comes down to a few different brands in our opinion. The Winchester, Ruger, Savage Arms, and the Remington to name a few. It is also vitally important that you decide on the right type of ammo for the size of game you are hunting. Some of the ammo that we recommend exploring with big game hunting would be the following:

The .270 Winchester rounds due to their accuracy at short distances. Other popular rounds include the 0°0’08” Calibre Rifles (.243), 30/06 Springfield, 32 Win Special,.300 Weatherby Magnum, 338 Lapua Mag., 300 WSM (Winchester Short Magnum)

Happy Hunting!

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