13 Best Ways To Store Guns Without A Safe

About 44% of American households have their own firearm. And not necessarily, everyone owns a fancy safe to store the weapon.

However, firearms can be disastrous when they are in the wrong hands. So, what if you own a gun but yet to afford a safe?

Don’t worry! There are ways to store guns without a safe. You may find these 13 best ways to store guns without a safe, handy and practical.

Can You Store Guns Without Safe

Yes, you can store a gun without a safe with ease. But there are some safety issues you need to ensure first. Because guns are not toys that every hand should reach. The things you have to keep in mind before storing a gun without a safe are:

Can You Store Guns Without Safe

  • The place you are choosing must be unreachable to kids. As the reports show, many kids are victims of unwanted incidents occurred by insecure guns.
  • Keep the guns in a place where the intruders can’t even think of. We all do have some places in our house familiar but always stay out of attention .
  • You have got the gun for your safety. So, if you hide them in places where you yourself can hardly reach them in an emergency situation, what’s the benefit? That’s why whenever selecting the place to store your guns, make sure you can reach them in no time.

Best Way to Store Guns Without Safe

Storing the gun without the safe is a pretty exciting thing too. You have plenty of choices here. Some of the most usual and unusual places we can store guns without safes are:

Best Way to Store Guns Without Safe

1. Closet

Isn’t the closet the first place about which you can think of to store the gun? Mine is it. However, this place is one of the most familiar and handy places of all. Also, it accomplishes the demand for security and easy reach. Besides, inside the closet itself, you have plenty of places to hide the weapon.

2. Dummy Electric Socket

Electric sockets are one of the things hardly anyone wants to touch without safety. And, the same is true for intruders or burglars. So, you can cover and conceal the gun with an electric socket. Also, there will be no problem with the weapons size, as electric sockets are available in plenty of sizes.

3. False wall/floor

This option is quite familiar as the dummy socket. To apply this method, you will need some professional help. But the advantage of the false wall or floor is, you can store more than one weapon in there. Also, you will be able to customize the place as you like it.

4. Gun cabinet

Gun cabinets are actually made for showcasing more than storing. However, being furniture specifically made for guns, cabinets are ideal place to store an entire gun collection. As a matter of fact, gun cabinets are a bit big, so it would be hard to hide them.

In brief, if you live in a big mansion, then having a gun cabinet can enhance the beauty of your interior. But as always, there is no alternative of strong locking. The Cabinet doesn’t hide the firearms instead showcases them. So, pay a bit more attention to the locking system while storing guns in the cabinet.

5. Lock Box

Lockboxes are small boxes within the affordable price range to keep things safe. For small handguns and other kinds of rifles, these are a good option as storage. Also, these boxes are portable enough to carry. Besides, you can place a lockbox itself in the closet for superior safety.

6. A customized picture Frame

Not only in movies, but it’s also possible in real life to store guns in the picture frame. Likely, this kind of frame you can make by yourself or can get online. Depending on the size and shape of the frame, you can even store handguns with attached scopes.

7. Bookshelf

Bookshelves are always mysterious places. Not because they hold mystery books but many things if you want to. And, it will not be a bad idea to keep 2 or 3 inches of space behind the books. In that place, you can store a gun without any issues. Also, books with secret safes inside are available, which you can use as a safe for your gun.

8. Empty Food Box

Food boxes are air-tight, so they are good to keep the guns away from rust. Also, there is plenty of space in food boxes, and you can store more than one gun. However, as the food boxes remain in the kitchen, do not forget to keep them in high places. The kids are fond of exploring the kitchen. Make sure they don’t reach the gun food box.

9. Air Vent

Air vents are quite a place to hide things. Not only guns but many more things can be kept secured there. However, air vents may give you plenty of space to store, but storing guns in there is a bit problematic. Because air flows continuously through the air vents, there’s a chance of moisture buildup, which is not good for the gun.

So, if you need the gun at frequent intervals you can store the gun in the air vent. Agin, an air vent will not be the right place for you to store firearms if you don’t need them often.

10. Furniture with Skeletal Frames

The things in the house that grabs the least attention of intruders are furniture. So, they become good places to hide things like guns. However, the furniture with skeletal frames gives a good bet. For instance, the couch tends to have hollow spaces inside them. So you can easily store a gun in that hollow space by only removing the cushion.

11. Gun Storage Case

The gun storage cases are available in the market depending on the type of gun. These protective cases are specifically designed to protect guns. You can find gun cases in different materials like metal and plastic. However, when buying one for yours, don’t forget to check it is airtight.

12. Flower Vase/pottery

Did you ever think a fancy piece of pottery you have is safe storage for guns? Yes, they are! If you have a big enough flower vase or any type of pottery in which the gun fits, then store the gun there without hesitation. After all! Who keeps the gun in the flower vase?

13. Gun Storage bag

The gun storage bags are pretty similar to the gun storage boxes but within a more reasonable price. Also, these bags are not as sturdy as the boxes but able to keep your gun safe. If you are thinking about hiding the gun in the air vent or electric vent, then putting them in the bag first would be a safe bet.

Safety Tips And Warnings When Storing Your Guns  Without Safe

Safety and firearms are complementary to each other. Aren’t they? Storing a gun without a gun safe sounds a bit risky indeed . Here are some of the essential gun safety tips to follow when storing your guns without a safe:

  1. Never forget to lock the trigger when you are not using the guns. And follow the authorized guideline on how to handle a gun safely.
  2. Always keep the weapon unloaded when not in use. Also, remove the magazine and bullets to become more sure.
  3. Choose dry places to store the gun. It is better if the place is air locked. Keep in mind humidity can cause rust in the gun’s body.
  4. Ensure the place you have chosen is out of the reach of juniors, as they are the prime victims of unwanted incidents.
  5. Beware the elders about the guns who do not have any business with them.


Every year a large number of burglary or other unwanted incidents take place here and there. So, people are keeping guns for self-defense. And, the worst scenario is the guns in the hands of unauthorized persons. Gun safe, with no doubt the best place for storing guns. But if you cannot manage, the tips mentioned above on the best way to store guns without a safe will not make you disappoint  for sure.

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