Best Surf Fishing Rods -2022 Reviewed!

If you’re here, you’re probably wondering how on earth you are going to choose a good surf fishing rod when there are so many options on the market to choose from.

There are many brands and products competing for your dollar that it can feel overwhelming, but take a breath. You don’t need to worry, because we’ve written this list to take away the guesswork of choosing the best surf fishing rod for you.

Surf fishing is done in shallow water. You will need to wade into the surf or stand on the shore or in a kayak to catch the fish. Some fish can only be caught from the shore.

If you want a complete and detailed product review on the features and benefits of each surf fishing rod covered on our list, read on.

In a hurry? This is our Winner!

Our Top Pick
In a hurry? This is our Winner!
9.8/10 Our Score

Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

  • Well constructed and designed well to make it more versatile
  • Can be used for fishing when you are on a boat
  • Durable and sensitive design

Shore fishing or surf fishing can actually be done on rocky beaches, sandy beaches, fishing piers or on rock jetties. You will usually do it in saltwater though there are a few exceptions.

Surfcasting or beach casting is a technique that you use in surf fishing from the beach. Essentially, you cast a lure or a bait at a specific distance in order to capture fish that lurk on the shore. You need a lot of experience and skill to cast with long fishing rods and from longer distances.


In order to be successful surf fishing, it is important to have a complete knowledge of the following elements:

  • Weather
  • Season
  • Wind
  • Water temperature
  • Tide
  • Moon phase
  • Other natural conditions
  • Target fish behavior

You will usually go surf fishing during the night and in much rougher waters. Anglers going surf fishing should be aware of any slippery rocks, powerful waves and any unprecedented underwater drop-offs in order to keep them safe.

To have success while surf fishing, it is imperative that you have knowledge, patience and the correct equipment. You will need a good fish-finding tool and the best possible surf fishing rod for you.

Best Surf Fishing Rods – Comparison Table

Image Product Technical Details Price
Our Top Pick

Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod 2-Piece Graphite Travel Fishing Rod (13-Feet)

Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod 2-Piece Graphite Travel Fishing Rod (13-Feet)
  • Length: 10’/11’/12’/13′
  • Pieces: 2
  • Line Weight: 15-30lb/20-40lb
  • Lure Weight: 1-5oz / 4-8oz
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Okuma RA-S-1002ML Rockaway Surf, Black, 10'

Okuma RA-S-1002ML Rockaway Surf, Black, 10′
  • Line Weight: 8-17 lbs
  • Lure Weight: 1/2-2 oz
  • Sections: 2-pcs
  • Number of Guides: 6 + Tip
  • Length: 10 ft
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TICA UGSA11MH2S Surf Spin , MH 11'0

TICA UGSA11MH2S Surf Spin , MH 11’0″
  • Length: 8’-12’
  • Line Capacity: 20-50lbs
  • Lure Capacity: 2-6 oz.
  • Action: Moderate fast
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Okuma Fishing TU-150 Tundra 15-Foot 3-Piece Surf/Pier Spinning Rod

Okuma Fishing TU-150 Tundra 15-Foot 3-Piece Surf/Pier Spinning Rod
  • Water type: saltwater
  • Technique: Surf spinning
  • Length: 10’0″
  • Foregrip length: 4″
  • Reargrip length: 16-1/2″
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BERRYPRO Surf Spinning Fishing Rod Graphite Spinning Rod

BERRYPRO Surf Spinning Fishing Rod Graphite Spinning Rod
  • Size: ‎9 feet
  • Style: ‎9′-2pc
  • Height: ‎50 centimeters
  • Length: ‎100 centimeters
  • Weight: ‎100 Kilograms
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Daiwa BSS1202MHS Beefstick Surf Rod

Daiwa BSS1202MHS Beefstick Surf Rod
  • Color: Multi
  • Size: One Size
  • Material Type: Other
  • Number of Items: 1
  • Brand: Daiwa
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Tsunami Trophy II TSTIISS-902MH Spinning Surf Rod

Tsunami Trophy II TSTIISS-902MH Spinning Surf Rod
  • Length: 9′
  • Pieces: 2
  • Line Weight: 12 – 25 lb.
  • Lure Weight: 1 – 4 oz.
  • Action: Medium Heavy
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St. Croix TSRS100M2 Triumph Surf 2-Piece Graphite Spinning Fishing Rod

St. Croix TSRS100M2 Triumph Surf 2-Piece Graphite Spinning Fishing Rod
  • Length: 10’
  • Power: M
  • Action Mod: Fast
  • Pieces: 2
  • Line Wt.: 8-20 lbs
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PENN BTLII3000701ML Battle II 3000 Spinning Reel Combo

PENN BTLII3000701ML Battle II 3000 Spinning Reel Combo
  • Type: Spinning
  • Reel Size: 3000
  • Mono Capacity yd/lb: 165/10
  • Braid Capacity yd/lb: 180/20
  • Bearings: 6
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Best Surf Fishing Rods – Reviews

1. OUR TOP PICK: Fiblink

The Fiblink Surf Fishing Rod is ideal for those anglers that travel a lot due to it’s lightweight and compact design. This is a dual graphite surf rod that allows you to be able to choose the best rod size in accordance to the fishing location and situation.

The rod is constructed out of carbon and it has an enhanced performance action, in addition to more durability and sensitivity. As a result of this, it’s easy to catch even large fish. The rod is constructed well so it’s perfect both for boat and non-boat anglers.

The rod is made out of stainless steel and is also ceramic so it’s very durable. This also aids in minimizing the amount of friction while still enhancing the amount of sensitivity as it transfers the vibrations from the line through to the guide to the rod, and eventually back in the user’s hand.

The rod has a non-slip rubber shrink tube that is tapered with a rear grip tip handle. It has an impressive one year warranty and also has a money-back guarantee. The customer service is also very responsive so it is easy to see why a lot of fishermen love it. 

  • Well constructed and designed well to make it more versatile
  • Can be used for fishing when you are on a boat
  • Durable and sensitive design
  • You need to make an extra effort to move it.

2. RUNNER UP: Okuma Rockaway Light Weight Carbon Saltwater Surf Rod

Although they haven’t been around for long, Okuma has made a big splash in the fishing world. The Rockaway collection has something for everyone – for us, the highlight is the Medium-Light set.

The rods in this set are XQ series Sea Guide 316 rods, made of lightweight stainless steel frames. These frames are reinforced with UFR-II technology (Ultimate Flex Reinforcement) and have a tapered tube, non-slip grips at their base. Okuma uses a Tip over Butt system to help improve the balance of the rods.

The main flaw of this rod series is that the rods are more brittle than the average surf-fishing rod. The URF-II has improved this compared to Okuma’s older models but users still have issues.

The 1-year warranty that comes with all Okuma products covers the snapping of rods, and Okuma appear to make replacing broken products as easy as possible.

The Rockaway collection offers rods in 7 different weight options. The Medium-Light (7-18 lbs) is in our opinion the best option for surf-fishing, as they are lightweight but still really sensitive to movement. The Medium-Heavy set is also a good choice is you are looking for something a little more heavy duty.

  • Well Balanced
  • Lightweight
  • Non-slip grips
  • The handle of the rod isn’t very durable


If you want a rod that has real power, you will find it with the Tica UGSA Series Surf Spinning Fishing Rod. Take a moment to consider – when you are looking for a rod that is around 10 feet long and you need something with a fantastic casting distance, what else is important other than impressive strength?

Let’s have a deeper look into the Tica UGSA.

To start with, the rod is built out of very strong graphite material. Having great casting power is one important element, but having a powerful caster with an even more durable build is even better.

One of the most surprising features of the Tica UGSA Series Surf Spinning Fishing Rod is the sensitivity that it has.

While it is important to have casting power, it can be intimidating for those just starting out. You need to ask yourself how many times have you bee on a surf, and if you do happen to have a lot of experience, how much casting do you intend to do?

These are important questions to consider when you are debating getting a very powerful surf fishing rod like this one.

It’s pretty uncommon to find a fishing rod this powerful that also has good sensitivity. It also has a fantastic aconite tip quite. In addition, it also has a non-slip cork handle that will definitely make using this powerful creature a lot easier for you.

  • Good tip guide
  • Non-slip handle
  • Good casting distance
  • Expensive
  • Can take some time to get used to

4. BEST VALUE: Penn Battle II

This fishing rod comes with a spinning fishing reel made entirely of metal. Both of these elements combined give a lot of sensitivity and makes it very easy to reel in and catch even large fish.

The side plate, rotor and the body of the rate are all constructed out of high-grade metal, so it is able to hold a lot of weight. It’s definitely the kind of rod that you can use for a number of years without worrying about any damage or rust.

The reel works using a Versa-Drag carbon fiber drag system. This uses the sides of the drag washer in order to provide the most possible drag. It also has an anti-reverse bearing which means that the reel stops any pullback and lets you pull the fish out quickly and efficiently.

There is also a spool that is positioned on a gasket constructed of rubber. This means that the rod won’t slip when it is under pressure. It is made to be able to show the amount of line that remains with the help of line capacity rings.

  • Anti-reverse mechanism handle that makes reeling quick and easy
  • Anti-slip feature means that it won’t slip under more pressure
  • Consists of high quality and durable materials
  • The tip has been known to break during use on occasion

5. RUNNER UP: Okuma Tundra

The Okuma Tundra is a solid surf fishing rod that will allow you to catch a whole range of different fish types. This mainly comes down to the white color of the rod that helps you to be able to detect bites from a decent distance away, even when the light conditions are low.

It’s also very easy to maneuver due to the 10 to 30 line weight and 2 to 8 lure.

As far as the design is concerned, the rod is made out of a glass fiber rod blank and reinforced double footed guides and this helps to improve durability. It also has medium-heavy power that improves its versatility.

The inclusion of stainless steel in the design means that it’s easy to do both light and heavy fishing tasks, while the rubber butt cap simultaneously works to allow an angler to be able to work continuously without them needing to worry about the rod slipping out of their hand.

It is worth mentioning, however, that even though the rod is resistant to corrosion, you will need to properly maintain it to be able to use it for a longer period of time.

The product comes with a one-year limited warranty for your proof of mind, and this also helps to demonstrate the reliability of the rod. It is worth mentioning, however, that you may need to pay an affordable shipping cost if it does happen to develop a fault due to poor management.

  • Fiberglass built in to ensure a good level of sensitivity
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Decent length means that the user is able to catch fish at a greater distance away
  • If you need to return the rod if it breaks, you will need to pay to have the new product delivered


TTTThis is an impeccable fishing surf rod that has been used by hobbyists and professional fishermen to help them to catch more fish in less time. This is a powerful graphite spinning rod that is durable and comes in a range of different sizes to suit your needs.

This means that you will be able to catch fish of all kinds of different sizes efficiently and without problem.

The 36 ton X Carbon technology construction of this rod means that it is both powerful and very sensitive at the same time.

The fishing rod also has a bunch of different accessories, such as the anti-wear rubber butt cap that makes it comfortable for you to fish for longer.

It also comes with a high strength reel seat, high-density EVA grips, non slip shrink tube, and it has a textured carbon fiber surface that means it is much more enjoyable to use. It also has a warranty for a year for extra peace of mind.

  • One year warranty
  • Responsive customer service
  • A very professional design that makes it very enjoyable to use and efficient
  • If you don’t maintain it properly, it can wear down quite quickly

7. RUNNER UP: St Croix Triumph

This rod is well known for its extra exclusive bonus of 4 packs of spinning rods that come with a protective case, and it provides excellent performance. The St Croix Triumph Surf Rod is most certainly a fantastic choice for adventurous surf anglers.

It’s lightweight and comfortable to carry, so you will have the stamina to catch more fish of any size for a longer duration of time.

The rod comes with a number of accessories, such as the hard aluminum-oxide surf guide which helps with the functionality of the rod.

You will also get a very nice fishing experience due to the combination of Fuji DPS reel sear with frosted silver hoods, SCII graphite, customer cork tape handle, and two coats of flex coat slow-cure finish.

You are going to love this rod no matter what your fishing preference, whether you’re fishing in saltwater, black or colored water. If you want to catch more fish in a smaller amount of time then you are going to love fishing with this rod.

It comes with a five-year warranty and during this time if the product sustains any damages or faults it will be the complete responsibility of the manufacturer.  

  • It has a pair of 4 packs spinning rods that comes with a protective case
  • 5-year warranty
  • You can use it to fish in all different water types
  • It’s a little bit heavier than some other tools that are similar

8. RUNNER UP: Daiwa

If you are an angler looking for a very lightweight surf fishing rod that’s made with high-quality materials, and you enjoy catching fish in either fresh or saltwater, you are in luck with the Daiwa Beefstick.

This rod is a durable and long-lasting beast that you are sure to enjoy using for a long time.

It’s made out of very strong stainless steel for the seat hoods and it also has stainless guides that make it even stronger and help to make it long-lasting.

The rod weighs only 2 pounds and yet it still provides an impressive performance thanks to the upgraded, incredibly strong carbon fiberglass combination blanks.

With the rod you will also have the option to cast, spin, and do boat rod actions, so it’s a dream come true for anglers that want a versatile fishing rod. It’s also very affordable so it’s ideal if you don’t have a very large budget.  

  • Very lightweight
  • Built well with upgraded materials
  • Affordable price
  • You will need to be careful when trying to catch larger fish

9. RUNNER UP: Tsunami Trophy

you want to be able to catch more heavy-duty tasks while fishing in a lot less time, you will be happy with the Tsunami Trophy. The rod is a fantastic choice for fishermen that enjoy fishing on the seas without having to sacrifice their comfort.

It’s also very lightweight and it lasts for a long time.

Much like with a lot of other fishing surf rods, the rod is made out of high-density graphite fiber blank to improve the item’s strength. It is also fitted with a thin, light and very durable sure-grip cork tape with short EVA caps.

The rod has a corrosion-proof graphite and a stainless steel cushioned reel seat which is what helps it to keep its effectiveness and longevity.

Long story short, if you are a newbie or a professional angler that isn’t too bothered about the price, then you don’t need to look for any longer because this is a serious contender for your dollar.  

  • Sturdy design
  • Sensitive action
  • Corrosion proof
  • Allows you to cast a lure at a large distance with minimal effort
  • It is a little expensive

Surf Fishing Rods Buying Guide for 2022

Surf Fishing Rods

So What is a Surf Fishing Rod?

If you are looking into being a regular surf angler, then it is imperative that you stock up on some surf fishing rods, terminal, baits, tackle lures and more to get the best chances of success in your endeavors.

It’s possible to buy surf fishing rods in a range of different weights, lengths and specifications.

Generally, a surf fishing rod is going to be used for saltwater fishing. They are made to allow you to be able to catch fish from a distance so anglers are able to reach the fish they are looking to catch from the shoreline.

These kinds of fishing rods are able to span up to 15 feet in length which means that you will be able to cast over any waves so you can get right into the crashing surf. They are slightly longer than most fishing rods too so it is possible to place them on a rod holder that is perfect for beach casting.

These rods also come with long butts so you are able to cast two-handed. They come with reel seats fixed in so that you have a secure connection between the lures, the casting baits, the hooked fish and the reel.

Surf fishing rods are constructed out of durable materials that mean they are able to withstand the weight of tackle while you are throwing out the line. They can also withstand landing on any particularly tough saltwater species such as redfish, stripers, and sharks. Perhaps the most important part is that surf fishing rods are resistant to abrasion, corrosion and salt.

They are made for you to be able to use them with standard and large spinning reels so you have even better casting capability.

The design of the rod can highly depend on the kind of fish that you are looking to catch and the conditions you will be fishing in. These conditions can widely vary depending on the location, so anglers need to ensure that they are using the proper tackle and line weight to match with the kind of species that will be target.

It is possible to buy surf fishing rods in two, three, four and five-piece versions. The two-piece rod is one of the most popular as they tend to be much easier to store and stronger than the other kinds.

Benefits of Buying a Surf Fishing Rod

Surf fishing is a popular pastime in the United States. Some people will do surf fishing as a profession, and some enjoy it as a way to bond with their children and loved ones.

The most important piece of equipment you need for surf fishing is a surf fishing rod.

Less Physical Stress

Fishing can get tiring after a while. Thankfully, It’s possible to rest surf fishing rods on a designated device, and then all you need to do is watch its tips until you see any indication of movement, then you grab it to reel the fish in. So, a surf fishing rod can reduce any physical stress that you might experience which can make for a much more enjoyable fishing experience.

They are Easy to Use

Surf fishing rods are pretty easy to use, so they can be used by beginners, children, adults and even senior citizens without much trouble. They are user-friendly too and convenient to use. With these rods, you can easily capture fish when you go saltwater fishing.


You can buy surf fishing rods in a range of shapes and sizes, so you will always find an option that is going to meet the requirements of your specific fishing trip. Surf fishing rods are able to capture both large and small fish, depending on the kinds of baits used.

More Fishing Capabilities on Offer

With a surf fishing rod you are actually able to use a number of rods all at the same time. You will be able to mount the side of your rod by the side and you can wait for a fish to bite before you have to work on the fish already caught.

Long Distance Rush

One selling point of surf fishing rods is that they have a further reach than any other fishing rod out there. You are able to buy them in a range of sizes from 10 to 14 feet, and they have been designed to allow you to be able to fish from a pretty sizable distance.

When you are choosing the best fishing rod for you, you should make sure that you opt for one that is going to meet your individual requirements.

What are the Logistics of Surf Fishing Rods?

The kinds of fish that you find in the surf are very powerful and large. Surf fishing rods are made in such a way that you are able to cast a decent distance in order to target fish. They usually measure from 8 to 13 feet long and they are much stronger and longer than your average fishing rod.

These rods are made to be used with a certain kind of action that is specific to surf fishing. This action requires a mixture of flexibility and stiffness. They also need to have enough sturdiness in their build to be able to handle a large fish. The main thing that a surf fishing rod does is it will cast from a distance, and it will be easy to use.

To use your surf fishing rod, find a good spot to cast your line and then set all of your gear up and tie it on a baited rig. Make a good cast that is going to get the rig over most of the crashing waves. Once you gain more experience, you will be able to create the perfect casting distance.

When your rig is in the water and into the sand, you are now able to close its bail. Wait for a bait you can use. You are able to either hold the rod or you can mount it onto a spike for more comfort. If the tip of your rod starts bending forward, it is at this point that you have caught the fish,

It is actually very easy and simple to use a surf fishing rod, and you don’t need any special equipment to go with it either.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Surf Fishing Rods

Usually experienced fishermen who live near to a saltwater beach will test their skills from the shore. For this fisherman, surf fishing will provide an additional opportunity to obtain an additional fishing method and also will provide a lot of excitement.

For surf fishing, you will need a surf fishing rod that is going to allow you to be able to cast from long distances away from the shore. Of course, as you may expect, there are pros and cons to using surf fishing rods.


Not As Much Strain on the User

It can be exhausting to fish because you need to hold a large fishing rod and you’ll need to fight a lot of fish. Fishing can also put a lot of strain on the user’s shoulders, arms and back.

Thankfully surf fishing rods are designed to reduce the amount of physical fatigue that you get when you are fishing because it is possible to rest the rod nearby so you you can give your body some rest.

All you need to do is keep an eye on the tip, and you don’t even need to hold it. You merely need to grab the rod when you see the tip move.

Gives You The Ability to Catch More Fish

What angler doesn’t want to be able to catch more fish? With a surf fishing rod you are able to use multiple rods at once and you can mount them near to each other.

As you have more lures in the water your chances of catching something increases. You should make sure, however, that you are able to watch every single rod tip and you are able to run to a rod that shows action easily. It can be a pretty exciting way to fish when you are out at sea.

Allows You to Help Others

A lot of anglers see fishing as a social activity. There are going to be occasions where you will need to help your fellow fisherman to fix a hitch in the line for example, or tie a lure or remove a particularly large fish from the hook.

If you are going to be holding your own rod then it simply will not be able to help other anglers, or you may need to reel the lure in for a while to provide assistance. This is not an issue with a surf fishing rod as you simply need to mount the rod so your hands are free to help other anglers.


It’s Highly Specialized

Surf fishing rods are catered to saltwater or freshwater fishing and there are usually specific types for each.

More Maintenance and Care Required

You will need to clean your surf fishing rod after every use to ensure that it doesn’t get corroded and rusted.

Materials of Surf Fishing Rods

When you are choosing a fishing rod, it is imperative that the construction of the reel and rod is going to be suitable for the use it is intended for. Surf fishing rods are exposed to lots of harsh conditions and saltwater.

Materials of Surf Fishing Rods

Of course, saltwater can cause a lot of problems when it comes to keeping a healthy, clean and efficient fishing rod. As a result of this, it is important to choose the materials of your surf fishing rod very carefully.

Ensure that the reel seat is made of non-corrosive materials. When you are thinking about handles, you have the option of foam and cork. Both of these options are non-corrosive, lightweight and buoyant. As a result, the choice will lie in what you will find the most comfortable.


This is a premium rod material. Rods that are made out of graphite are generally considered to be professionally graded. These are the preferred choice among experienced anglers. They tend to be a little bit more expensive but they are also more sturdy and provide more power when you are trying to fish a fish.

Graphite rods are also more sensitive so it means that making fish pick up baits is a little easier. The material is also non-corrosive so it is ideal for saltwater, but it is still a brittle material.


This is yet another sturdy material. They are heavy and strong fishing rods. They are durable and don’t require an awful lot of maintenance so it is a good choice for anglers just starting out. For people who want to fish for larger and more aggressive species of fish, a fiberglass rod is the way to go.


As the name suggests, hybrid rods are made out of a combination of graphite and fiberglass. If you fish in a number of different conditions you may find a hybrid rod a good fit for you because they have added power and actions.

How Can I Choose the Best Surf Fishing Rod?

So you’ve decided to buy a surf fishing rod, but it is important to take a moment and think before you make your purchase. Firstly, what kinds of surf fishing are you intending to do.

Of course, there appears to only be one simple kind of surf fishing, but it is still very important to consider what gear is going to be the best match for your personal fishing style.

So what are you looking for?

In order to narrow down what you want, here are the main features to consider when you are buying a surf fishing rod.


These kinds of fishing rods can be pretty big. When we say big, we are talking around 10 to 11 feet big. Because of this it’s very helpful to find something that is going to be big enough for you to adequately use and something that is going to be the best fit for what you are doing.

To put it simply, if you are a little bit shorter then it is a good idea to consider what kind of size is going to be a little too much for you to handle.

In addition to this, when you are considering size it is important to consider the collapsibility. Essentially, is your rod going to be easy to store away when it is not in use? If you are considering buying a surf rod, then you are likely to find a lot of large equipment.

When you are purchasing this equipment it is also important to make sure that you have a good place to store it. Consider rods that can be taken apart easily and put back together without a hitch.


You are going to need a surf rod that is made out of durable materials. If you are the kind of person that is looking at using a big piece of fishing equipment, you need to know that sometimes accidents can occur.

In addition to this, the world can also get in the way. As a result, look for a rod that is designed to last. You should be considering rods that are made out of graphite and other durable materials. This leads to our following point.

Sensitivity and Flexibility

You are going to need to get something that can be bent without it breaking. If you are on the shore or at a surf reeling in a humongous fish, then you need to make sure that the gear you have is gear that you can rely upon.

Sensitivity is important for catching fish in the first place. Have a look for a surf fishing rod that is super sensitive that is also going to last for a long time.


The farther away from shore that you catch, the more chances you will get of catching fish. As you are not on a boat that is going to give you a step above the fish, you are going to need a rod with some proper distance.

It can be a tricky task to be able to choose the best surf fishing rod. There are so many things to consider to make sure that you choose the best possible surf fishing rod that is going to fit with the intended use.

Target Species

It is imperative that you are mindful of the kinds of species you want to target when you are going surf fishing. The features that will be important to you in the surf fishing rod you opt for will be dependent on the target species that you aim to catch. You are going to need a range of different surf fishing rods specifically for certain fish sizes.

Preferred Lures or Baits

If you are planning on using live bait then it is best to opt for a surf rod that has a stiff tip and medium to fast action. This is because surf fishing generally requires large baits and heavy sinkers. If your surf rod has a soft tip it is more likely to ben and as a result this will reduce the hook set and casting distance.

It is usually best to get medium to fast action surf rods for casting lures because the tip can whip any smaller lures to longer distances.


Usually you will find that surf fishing rods are longer than the kinds of fishing rods that you will come across in bank or boat fishing. This longer length is important to get the required casting distance. More length also means that the line is kept safe when it is resting in a sand spike or PVC holder.

Certain fish are ideal for surf rods that are 8 to 10 feet rods. Some of these fish include flounder, redfish, pompano and whiting. For rods that are 10 to 13 feet long, the ideal fish are small sharks, bull redfish, big stripers and jacks.

It is very important that you take into account the species you are aiming to catch and the shore distance when you are trying to decide on the length of surfing rod you require. It is also a good idea to consider where your physical limitations lie, as if you are short it is naturally going to be more comfortable and easy for you to select a shorter rod.

A safe length for a good amount of species of fish is a ten-foot surfing rod. These are also pretty convenient for either short or tall anglers. If you want a longer casting distance then a fly rod may be what you are looking for.

Weight or Power

Fishing rods will usually have a rating for their power or weight that is based upon how stiff the rod is (measured in flex per unit of weight). The ratings can vary from light to heavy.

If you are going surf fishing then you are going to need a rod with a medium to extra heavy rating because you are likely to be dealing with much larger and more aggressive fighting fish.

You will need to base the choice of rod power or weight upon how much fighting ability the species you are planning to catch has and the amount of weight of the lure you are using. You should try to ensure that you select a matching line too as if a rod has heavier power then it is also going to need a heavier line.

Reel Handles and Seats

People tend to overlook reel handles and seats when they are selecting which fishing rod to buy. In an ideal world your reel seat should consist of graphite as it is a non-corrosive material.

Metal alloy reel seats are also a valid option but they can become corrosive over time. You tend to find that graphite reel seats are, in the majority of cases, used in the higher end surf fishing rods.

The handles of surf fishing rods can be quite long and as a result will need two hand casting to launch baits with long distances and to launch over breaking waves. The handles are usually made out of foam or cork.

Rod Guides

The layout of a rod guide can depend on where the reel is placed on the fishing rod. All rod guides for spinning rods and casting rods are positioned differently. Where the rod guides are is going to depend on the kind of surf fishing rod that you choose to opt for.

The most expensive rod guides consist of the golf standard aluminum oxide. You are also able to opt for ceramic options that tend to be quite thick and heavy, but they are ideal if you are on a budget.

Ideally, you should be trying to get a rod guide that is lightweight. In a best-case scenario they should also be quite thin and they should be able to even out heat distribution. These extra features mean that you will be able to have longer casting distances.

Casting Surf Fishing Rods: A Guide

It can be a little tricky to cast a lure or a bait long distance. Nevertheless, it is still important to know how to cast with a surf fishing rod if you would like to catch fish beyond the breakers.

You are going to need a surf fishing rod that measures between 8 to 13 feet long, and a casting or spinning reel with a durable, high-quality line. This is how you can cast a surf fishing rod.

Step 1 – Tie a 2 oz sinker onto the tip of the line and reel it

Reel the line to the rod. Make sure that you have a difference of around 2 to 3 feet from the end of the rod. Hold onto the rod using your left hand close to the bottom of the rod, and position your right hand slightly above the reel.

Take your index finger and hold the line towards the rod. Then, toss the bail over using your left hand and then grab the rod. Ensure that you are holding the line using your right finger to make sure that it remains in place and doesn’t get off the reel.

Step 2 – Stand by the water’s edge in a sideways facing position

Place your left foot closer to the water. Then, hold the rod in a vertical position, and plunge it away from the water, all while swinging the sinker up and out of the water. Turn slightly to the right while you swing the sinker, then turn away from the water.

When your line and sinker are both close to a horizontal position, face towards the water. Then, pull down the rod with your left hand. Simultaneously, with your right hand you should be pushing the rod towards the water.

Step 3 – Ejecting the Line

When your rod is swinging towards the water, eject the line that you were already holding with your right index finger. Make sure that you keep your rod in the same direction as the sinker starts flying towards the water. Throw the bail back and then reel it in when your sinker is in the water.

When you cast in deeper water, and when there are not any rocks and weeds that will trap the bail, give the sinker some time to sink as it makes its way into the water. This will let many fish be able to get caught in the sink.

How Do I Clean a Surf Fishing Rod?

Your surf fishing rod is going to be exposed to a lot of saltwater, which is quite corrosive and can cause damage to your equipment in the long term. Things like grit and sand will also start getting into the moving components of the rod. It is vital that you thoroughly clean your surf fishing rod after every single use to ensure that it remains in mint condition.

When you are fishing in saltwater, spray your rod’s reels with fresh water. Another option is to completely submerge it in a bucket of freshwater. Then, wipe it gently in order to get rid of any salt build-up.

Step 1 – Clean the Outside Surface

Fully soak a piece of cloth underwater until it is totally dripping wet. Hold the reel in an upright position, then wipe the outer surface of the reel. After this you can spray furniture polish onto the reel.

Step 2 – Use a toothbrush to remove corrosion

Use a toothbrush to remove any corrosion off the reel. Then, wipe the reel using a dry and clean towel. Clean the fishing rod every time after you use it to ensure that corrosion does not settle in. When it does set in, it can be a bit problematic to try and get rid of it.

What Is the Top Way to Maintain My Surf Fishing Rod?

A lot of fiberglass, graphite and hybrid surf fishing rods are designed to be strong enough to be able to fight a large fish. The only issue is that they can also be quite fragile so even a nick on the rod can cause it to break.

Step 1 – Have a look over the reel seat and guide rings for any sign of rust

When you are going fishing, keep the guides alight to lessen the amount of wear and tear that you get on the line. Make sure you get rid of any nicks in guide rings using sandpaper as this will ensure that the line doesn’t break when you have a fish on it. Make sure that you check the guide rings and seat for any rust, and if you find any, use sandpaper to remove it and replace the guide ring when you find rust there.

Step 2 – Soap And Water

Work paraffin or candle wax into any rod joints to prevent friction from occurring. Clean the rod and the reel using a cloth and soapy water after every use. Make sure that you wear a pair of gloves to make sure that oils in your skin don’t get into the rod’s cork handle.

Step 3 – Store with a loosened drag

When you are storing your rod and reel make sure that you do so with a loosened drag to ensure you don’t break the line. Before you store it away, remove the line from the rod and reel. Make sure that you don’t hit your rod on any hard surfaced. Ensure that you also horizontally or vertically mount the rod on the rod rack to make sure that it doesn’t suffer any damage or curvature when it is being stored.

Making sure you properly maintain your fishing rod can mean that you may get a couple more years of use out of it, you can avoid breaking the fishing line when you are using it and you can keep the rod in top shape.

If You Spend More Money, Will You Get More Quality?

When you choose a decent quality fishing rod and reel, you are going to get what you pay for. Of course, you can sometimes get caught off guard by getting a bad product with a high price tag but that’s why it’s a good idea to opt for well-known names.

A lot of anglers feel that spending too much on a decent rod is not practical unless you go fishing regularly, but your rod is what gets bait or lure to your target so it is important that you invest in a good one.

Buying a cheap rod and reel can have a habit of limiting you when fighting the fish or even with feeling the bite to begin with.

It is always important to remember that an expensive reel and rod is not certain to make you a good angler. However, having good equipment can often be half the battle. If you are on a tighter budget, opt for a fishing rod and reel combination.

Surf Fishing Reels: Do’s and Don’ts


  • Properly maintain and care for your surf fishing rod
  • Clean the reel and rod using soapy water after every use
  • Remove the amount of finish line used


  • Don’t store uncleaned rods
  • Don’t use high-pressure water to remove salt and corrosion

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the right surf fishing rod length?

This can depend on how you plan on casting. If you want to cast further then opt for a bigger rod. If you want more speed then go for a shorter rod. Always make sure that you buy in accordance to what you are able to wield.

What is rod action?

This is fairly simple – it’s the amount your rod bends. Every action type goes from light, to medium-heavy and more. It can determine where on the rod it bends.

What is rod power?

This essentially determines how much force you will need to bend the rod. It’s a useful thing to look at when you are buying a surf fishing rod as it can help you gauge what fish sizes your rod can handle.

Are you able to surf fish using a 7-foot rod?

It is indeed possible to use a 7 to 9-foot rod to surf fish. This is a decent rod length to target small to medium fish.

Are you able to surf fish using a 7-foot rod?

In short, yes – if the action, power and lure are the same, an 8 foot rod is going to cast further than a 7 foot rod. If you are using a light lure though, a shorter rod is going to be more manageable than a longer one.

What is the top pound test line to use for surf fishing?

A braided line of 30 to 40 pounds is a good choice for most surf anglers. It is going to last a long time and can hook large fish.

What do I need to bring with me to surf fishing?

Make sure you are prepared before you go surf fishing. Bring with you a fishing rod and reel for saltwater, a casting net, bait and tackle, surf fishing rigs and a bait bucket.

You should also bring an extra spool of line, strong fly fishing waders and a fishing plier.

When you go surf fishing, also bring rain gear and an umbrella. For warm days, bring sunglasses, sunblock and a hat. A first aid kit can also be helpful.

Ensure that you also have a fishing license.


So, are these kinds of surf fishing rods the ones you were seeking? If they are, good luck on your endeavours! Otherwise, make sure you cast a wide net when researching. Always ask yourself what you are trying to do with your realistic budget and what will give the best chances of success. If you aim to buy any of the options here, you are sure to be happy with your choice.

Surf fishing can be a very enjoyable activity for the whole family. It means you can fish away from the shore of the beach, and having the right surf fishing rod will mean that your surf fishing trip will be a success.

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