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Whether you’ve got a full day or an entire weekend filled with hunting ahead of you, one thing’s for certain -  when you’re on a hunting trip, you’re going to come across obstacles that you need to be prepared for. 

A hunting pack is an essential piece of equipment for any hunter. From carrying your chosen weaponry to keeping hydrated when you’re out on the trail, a hunting pack can make or break the entire experience, so it’s important to get one that meets all of your needs and more. 

We’ve put together a list of our favorite hunting day packs that you’ll be able to utilize every compartment of, and that will also help make life a lot easier when you’re out in the field. 

Check them out below, along with our buying guide on what to look out for before making your purchase.

If you’re going hunting soon and need a backpack that will carry you through the trip, take a look at our top pick below.

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Best Hunting Day Pack - Reviews

The commander pack from ALPS is the ultimate in hunting day packs. With a 5250 cubic inch main compartment, spindrift collar, lashing loops and multiple exterior pockets, it will carry all of your hunting gear for you, leaving you totally hands-free.

A built in drop down rifle holder will keep your gun close to hand, without you needing to carry it around, allowing you to quickly reach for it when you’ve spotted your target. Or, if a pistol is your weapon of choice, you can easily secure that in the side strap.

Constructed from super durable, nylon rip-stop fabric, this pack is built to withstand even the harshest weather. It even has a designated spotting scope pocket, so you can keep your binoculars, monoculars or other spotting equipment secure when they’re not in use. 

An incorporated commander frame offers a unique lashing system that has been designed for hauling meat, and there are three extension straps included for securing extra large loads. Using the freighter shelf will also help to keep your load secure, and can be adjusted on either side to maximize support.


  • Has a large 5250 cubic inch main compartment, as well as multiple exterior pockets
  • The built in drop down rifle holder will keep your gun secure and easily accessible, leaving your hands free
  • Designated spotting scope pocket will give you somewhere to safely store your optical equipment when not in use
  • Incorporated commander frame with freighter shelf and unique lashing system will let you carry large amounts of meat home with ease


  • Some customers have found that this pack makes a bit of noise as the frame can creak, which isn’t ideal when stealth hunting

Made from water resistant, durable fabric, this hunting pack from CVLIFE with multiple compartments will keep your essential hunting equipment safe and dry in even the wettest weather.

A 4-in-1 combo design allows you to choose between a 50L or 60L built up backpack, a large compartment backpack with removable fanny pack, or you can detach the two smaller side pouches to use separately. 

The sturdy waist belt is fully adjustable, allowing you to securely and comfortably carry heavier loads, and the heavy duty zippers will allow you easy access to your hunting gear when you need it quickly. The bag also features a rain diverting flap that covers the zips, ensuring that no water can get in. 

This hunting pack even has a built-in hole that you can run a water bladder through to give you easy access to water when you need it. Available in 6 patterns, there is a design to suit any hunting environment and keep you camouflaged from your target.


  • 4-in-1 combo design allows you to break the pack down into multiple options
  • Sturdy, adjustable waist belt gives you extra stability and comfort when carrying heavy loads
  • Constructed from water-resistant fabric, and features a rain diverting flap to keep your equipment dry
  • Built-in water bladder hole allows you to run your water bladder’s hose through for easy access


  • This hunting pack doesn’t have a designated rifle holder, but you can secure it under the shoulder straps instead

The Pathfinder hunting pack from ALPS has been designed to accommodate all of your hunting needs in one feature packed bag. Using a unique design, this backpack can be used as a fanny pack for transporting your essentials, or can be unrolled into daypack mode giving you an extra 1100 cubic inches of space.

When it comes to transporting your weaponry, a drop down pocket will hold and transport your rifle safely, whilst a bow pocket will give you somewhere to store your bow, leaving you totally hands free.

A padded waist belt and shoulder harness system making carrying the Pathfinder easy and comfortable, and will also help you evenly distribute the weight of your hunting gear across your torso, minimizing injury or strain. 

Packed full of features, this hunting pack is compatible with other accessory pockets sold by ALPS, including their binocular pocket and a turkey call pocket, so you can strap them to the front of your bag and have them to hand when you need them quickly. It also includes a hydration pocket and port, so you can easily access your water bladder.


  • Can be used as a fanny pack, or rolled out into a day pack
  • Includes a drop down rifle pocket and a bow pocket so you can carry multiple weapons at once
  • Padded waist belt and shoulder harness system help to evenly distribute the weight of your gear
  • Compatible with other accessories sold by ALPS


  • Customers that purchased this hunting pack found that it was a little heavier than some others

This hunting pack from Badlands is constructed from KXO-32 fabric, which is considered to be the toughest, quietest and most waterproof available in the hunting world. Carefully designed in a neutral ‘approach’ camouflage pattern that adapts to your surroundings and light conditions, you don’t stand any chance of being spotted. 

Included amongst its multiple pockets and compartments are an integrated rifle boot and built in hip-belt pistol holders, so you’ll have somewhere to keep your arsenal whilst you’re on the move. It also has a zippered rear-entry pocket so you can easily and quickly access your hunting gear at a moment’s notice.

A built-in meat hauler, constructed from a T-6 aircraft aluminium frame, transfers weight from your shoulders to your hips, allowing you to transport your kill home without it weighing you down.  It also contains a 2L capacity hydration pocket which you can place a water bladder in to quench your thirst whenever you need to. 

On top of all these features, this hunting pack comes with an unconditional warranty, meaning your hunting pack is covered for life. In their own words, Badlands will ‘fix it for, forever’.


  • Constructed from tough, waterproof, quiet KXO-32 fabric
  • Has an integrated rifle boot as well as two hip-belt pistol holders
  • A built-in meat hauler will help you carry your prize home with ease
  • Includes an unconditional lifetime warranty


  • Although it contains a rifle boot and pistol holders, there isn’t a bow boot with it. However, if a bow is your chosen weapon, this can be purchased as an additional accessory

With a 1853 cubic inch capacity, and five external storage pockets, this hunting day pack from Allen Remington will give you plenty of room to store all of your hunting essentials. 

An integrated rifle carrying pocket will keep your gun safe and secure, and has also been designed to evenly distribute the weight of the gun across your body so you won’t feel weighed down by it.

The shoulder straps are padded, so will help to reduce any stress or strain that could be caused whilst carrying over long periods, and the integrated waist strap will also help to evenly distribute the weight of your gear and make it easier and more comfortable to carry.

Customers that have purchased this hunting pack have said that the size of the compartments gave them plenty of room to store everything they needed for their trips, and that the rifle carrying pocket was adjustable enough to store differently sized guns.


  • Has a large, 1853 cubic inch capacity as well as five external pockets
  • Includes a rifle carrying pocket so you can securely store and transport your gun
  • Shoulder and waist straps allow for even weight distribution


  • Does not contain a separate hydration port for your water bladder

Best Hunting Day Pack - Buyers Guide

A hunting day pack is a great and, frankly, essential bit of kit for anybody who enjoys hunting. But depending on where, what and how you hunt, there are several things to consider before deciding which one to purchase. 

Storage Space

Hunting requires that you carry a lot of different gear with you, so you’re going to need a hunting pack that can accommodate it. Give some thought to the amount of equipment you ordinarily take with you, plus anything extra you might want in case of certain circumstances.

Hunting packs range in size, with the larger ones offering you up to 50L or 60L of space, which is ample room to get all of your essentials into. If you don’t have that much hunting gear, or prefer to travel lighter, then a smaller bag around the 30L capacity mark might be better for you. 


As well as internal storage for all of your hunting equipment, it’s a good idea to look for a hunting pack that also offers external storage and extra pockets. Many packs have specially designed pockets to hold items such as binoculars and knives for quick and easy access. They’re also a great place to store first aid items in case of emergencies.

It’s also super important to stay hydrated when you’re out hunting, and some hunting packs have an included (and often insulated) hydration reservoir that you can store your water bladder in without taking up any extra room in the main compartment. 

Weapon Storage

Guns, bows and arrows are cumbersome and can be a pain to have to carry on a hunting trip. Take your chosen weapon, or weapons, into consideration when shopping around for your hunting pack. 

Many have built in rifle pockets that distribute its weight, so you can securely store your rifle without it weighing you down, whilst still having easy access to it when you’ve spotted your target. 

Some hunting packs offer multiple weapon storage including pistol holders and bow pockets, so you can arm yourself with multiple weapons and still have somewhere safe to store them.

Meat Hauling

Part of the hunting experience is bringing your kill home so you can use it for meat. However, animals are heavy, especially big game ones, and carrying them home can really weigh you down. Not to mention they can be pretty awkward to try and attach to your backpack!

Look for a hunting pack that has a meat hauler or frame that will let you securely fasten your meat to your backpack and make transporting it easy and comfortable. 


Your hunting pack is going to need to be tough, sturdy and durable. However, your hunting gear is probably already pretty weighty, and you don’t want to add to the weight you’ll be carrying by buying a heavy backpack.

Luckily, there are hunting packs available that have been constructed using super durable fabric that is still lightweight, so are ideal for carrying heavy loads without adding to the strain. If you’re after a backpack with a frame or meat hauler, one that is made of aluminium is a good option, as it will be lightweight but still able to carry and support a heavy carcass.

Also, give some consideration to weight distribution. A hunting pack that has both shoulder straps and a waist strap will help to distribute the weight of your gear evenly throughout your body, and not put all the strain on just one part.


If you go on multiple hunting trips throughout the year, you may require different amounts of gear depending on what you’re tracking. Therefore, a bigger backpack may not be totally necessary for that day’s needs.

By looking for a multi-functional hunting pack that can transform into a fanny pack or a smaller bag, you’ll be able to utilize your storage more effectively and prevent yourself from feeling weighed down by something that’s bigger than you need. 


When you’re outdoors in the wild all day, you’re more than likely going to experience a variety of weather conditions. This is especially true if you hunt year-round. 

With this in mind, your hunting pack is going to need to be able to withstand wet weather, so it’s a good idea to look for one that is made from a waterproof material. Some hunting packs also come with rain flaps that cover the zips, so you can be certain no water will leak through and get into your gear.

Another thing to consider is how noisy your hunting pack is. Any materials that rustle, creaks or jingles will increase the likelihood of your target hearing you, resulting in your missing your opportunity. 


It’s also worth giving some thought to the camouflage that your bag hunting pack has. You want to try and remain as hidden from your target as possible, so look for a bag that won’t give you away!

Some hunting packs use neutral ‘approach’ camouflage that will help to keep you concealed in many different environments. These are great if you hunt all year round, or in a variety of settings. 


A good hunting pack is a big investment, especially if you’re willing to invest a good amount of money in one. The last thing you want is your hunting pack breaking or falling apart not long after you’ve started using it, so it’s definitely worth looking for one that comes with a guarantee. 

Some hunting packs even include a lifetime guarantee, so these are particularly good if you go on multiple hunting trips throughout the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much storage space do I need in a hunting pack?

This depends on the amount of kit you normally take with you on a hunting trip, as well as how long your trip is scheduled for. If you’re going to be out for a few days, you’re most likely going to have a lot of equipment and, therefore, will require more storage space. 

If you don’t usually take more than your weapon, a pair of goggles and a water container, a smaller back pack will be fine for you.

How can I carry multiple weapons when I hunt?

A good hunting pack will always offer you somewhere to store your weapon. However, if you use multiple weapons to hunt with, then there are hunting packs available that will let you carry a rifle, pistols and a bow all at the same time. 

What should a good hunting pack have?

First and foremost, a good hunting pack should offer you ample storage to carry all of the essentials you need for your trip. It should have somewhere for you to safely store your weaponry, as well as quick-access pockets for your binoculars and other frequently used items. 

It should also be made from a tough, waterproof fabric, and be able to withstand rough weather conditions.

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