Best Gloves for Duck Hunting

Duck hunting is an extremely popular sport, especially in the colder months. But whether you’re hunting ducks or any other kind of waterfowl, one thing is for certain - it’s going to be a cold, wet affair.

Freezing temperatures can leave your fingers numb, making it hard to pull the trigger once you’ve lined up your shot. 

And wading out to set your decoy or retrieve your kill isn’t only going to leave your bare hands soaking wet, but could potentially leave any cuts or scrapes open and susceptible to bacteria in the water.

That’s why you need a good pair of duck hunting gloves. Not only will they help to protect your hands from the elements, but they could also help improve your skills when you’re out in the field.

As with all hunting equipment, there are hundreds or different variations to choose from. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and listed our top five favorite duck hunting gloves, along with a buying guide to aid you in making your decision. 

Got a duck hunting trip lined up soon and need a great pair of gloves for it? Check out our top pick below.

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Best Gloves for Duck Hunting - Comparison Table

Best Gloves for Duck Hunting - Reviews

SITKA Gear Gradient Stretch Fleece Camouflage Hunting Gloves, Optifade Waterfowl, X-Large

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Made from a super stretchy, waterproof, GoreTex microfiber fleece, these duck hunting gloves from Sitka offer the warmth and protection you need when you’re out in the cold, but are also lightweight enough to not leave you feeling weighed down by them.

They also feature Gore WindStopper Technology, which is a special membrane that helps to keep you sheltered from those bone-chilling winds, but prevents overheating or moisture building up by allowing vapors to escape without letting any water in.

These gloves also have a rough texture on the forefinger and thumb, which allows you to take your shot without removing them, and also aids you in placing and retrieving decoys without them slipping out of your grasp.

On top of all these fantastic features, these gloves also use Polygiene Odor Control Technology that safely and permanently neutralizes any odors. This is achieved with natural, antimicrobial silver salt, and will leave your gloves smelling clean and fresh even after a full day’s use.


  • Made from waterproof, GoreTex microfiber fleece that helps to keep your hands warm and dry
  • Also has Gore Windstopper Technology to protect your hands from freezing winds, whilst still allowing them to breathe
  • Built with a rough texture on the forefinger and thumb, so you can operate your weapon without removing them
  • The incorporated Polygiene Odor Control uses natural, antimicrobial silver salt to keep them smelling fresh


  • Some customers found that these gloves ran a size big, so you may need to go down a size when ordering

Constructed from 2mm fleece lined Neoprene and designed specifically for duck hunting, the decoy glove from Glacier Glove will keep your hands warm and protected in even the coldest temperatures.

100% waterproof, they will allow you to dip your hands in and out of the water as required, and they have been designed to cover you all the way up to the elbow, so there’s no risk of any water getting into them or finding it’s way to your hands.

As if this wasn’t enough, their waterproof qualities also include a seamless palm design, meaning there is zero chance of any water entering through the seams. This style of design also prevents any snagging or tearing on seams as you deal with rough, reed-heavy terrain.

The camouflage pattern will help you to blend into your surroundings and remain unnoticed by your target, and the sharkskin textured palm will give you ultimate grip as you place your decoy or retrieve your prize.


  • Specially designed to be used for duck hunting
  • Constructed from 2mm fleece lined Neoprene to keep your hands warm
  • Gives you 100% waterproof coverage right up to the elbow
  • The seamless palm design ensures no water can get in through the seams, and eliminates fraying or ripping
  • Sharkskin textured palms give provide you with fantastic grip in wet conditions


  • Unlike some other duck hunting gloves, these gloves don't have the option to expose a fingertip for shooting. However, the shark skin texture still gives you great grip on the trigger

The large cuff openings on these waterproof decoy gloves from DecoyPro allow you to comfortably wear them all the way up to your elbow, even over your coat. Perfect if you’re out hunting in super cold weather!

The thick, 5mm insulated Neoprene lining will keep your hands warm and cosy whilst your sat out in the elements, and the waterproof properties will make sure that not a drop of water can get inside.

A specially designed textured grip surface on the palms of the gloves allows you to place and retrieve your decoys without any chance of them slipping out of your hands, and the camouflage design will ensure you don’t stand out.

Customers that purchased these duck hunting gloves have commented that these gloves fit with the contours of your hands, meaning they don’t feel overly cumbersome or awkward when you’re wearing them.


  • Large cuff openings allow you wear these gloves up to the elbow over your jacket
  • Thick, 5mm Neoprene helps to keep your hands warm
  • Totally waterproof, so are perfect for placing and retrieving decoys
  • A specially designed textured palm gives you fantastic grip in wet conditions


  • The thickness of the insulation makes it difficult to shoot your firearm whilst you’re wearing them

Designed and tested for use in the toughest of conditions, these stretch fit gloves from Primos Hunting fit perfectly with the contours of your hands to give you the most natural feel possible. 

Available in three different designs, including two different styles of camouflage (Mossy Oak and RealTree APG), these duck hunting gloves will wick moisture away from your skin whilst still allowing your hands to breathe. 

The 5” extended cuff allows you to dip into the water without it entering the gloves, and covers any potential skin exposing gaps that would ordinarily appear between jacket sleeves and gloves.

Their breathability also makes them ideal to use in milder weather or as a glove liner underneath thicker gloves for when the weather gets really cold.


  • The stretch fit nature of these gloves molds perfectly to the contours of your hands
  • Available in three designs, including two different camouflage prints
  • Designed to wick moisture away from your skin whilst retaining breathability
  • A 5” extended cuff bridges the gap usually found between gloves and jacket sleeves
  • Can also be used as a glove liner underneath thicker gloves for when the weather gets really cold


  • These gloves are designed to wick moisture away from your skin, but are not 100% waterproof unlike some others

Constructed from soft polyester and fleece, this hunting gloves from Eamber offer lightweight flexibility without sacrificing warmth or comfort. They also have an elasticated wrist that ensures they stay on your hands when you’re wearing them.

A retractable fingertip and thumb tip allow you to pin them back using the built-in velcro dots, which gives you the option to pull the trigger and take your shot with your fingers exposed, or to use your phone if you need to, without having to remove the entire glove.

The palms of these hunting gloves are made with an anti-slip silicone coating, which gives you a firm grip in wet conditions, and the camouflage design will help you remain unnoticed and hidden from your target.

Available in two different sizes to ensure a perfect fit, customers that purchased these gloves found that they provided the warm, waterproof protection you need when you’re out hunting ducks.


  • Their soft, polyester fleece construction ensures warmth and comfort
  • Features a retractable fingertip and thumb to tip to allow you to use your firearm or phone without needing to remove your gloves
  • An anti-slip silicone coating provides you with a firm grip in wet conditions
  • The camouflage design ensures that you blend in with your surroundings and go unnoticed


  • Some customers found that the velcro patches that pin back the fingertip and thumb tip occasionally became caught on other items

Best Gloves for Duck Hunting - Buyers Guide

The warmth, protection and added wet weather dexterity you’ll get from a good pair of duck hunting gloves means they will virtually pay for themselves, but before you make a final decision on which pair you’d like to buy, there are some things to take into consideration.

Duck hunting gloves come in varying designs, so it’s worth looking at the features and seeing what you can get from a single pair, as well as getting the most for your budget. We’ve listed below some components to bear in mind when you’re looking for you’re perfect pair. 


It goes without saying that duck hunting gloves need to be waterproof. After all, you’re going to be spending a good amount of time dipping your hands in and out of water, and wet hands mixed with cold weather can open up a world of problems. 

Fabrics such as GoreTex are 100% waterproof, so will keep your hands completely dry whilst your place and retrieve your decoys. They are also specially designed to allow any sweat or moisture to evaporate away from your hands, without letting any water get in. 

Some duck hunting gloves also have odor control technology, which uses natural, antimicrobial silver salt to keep your gloves smelling clean and fresh, even after you’ve been out hunting in them all day.

Another benefit to finding a 100% waterproof glove, is that it will stop any bacteria living in the water from getting onto your hands and potentially entering your system through cuts and scrapes. 


As duck hunting season runs through fall into late winter, you’re going to be faced with some really cold weather conditions. Therefore, it’s extremely important to make sure that your hands are kept warm as well as dry whilst you're out in the wild.

Any hunting gloves that offer you a layer of insulation will help to keep your hands warm, and Neoprene is a particularly good fabric for keeping your hands well insulated as it contains various thicknesses of fleece lining. 

Another way to keep your hands nice and warm is to “double-up” your insulation by using a thinner duck-hunting glove underneath a thicker one. This is particularly effective during periods of colder weather, when the thickness of one pair of hunting gloves may not be enough on their own. 


Many hunting gloves have been designed to cover your arm all the way up to the elbow. This is useful when you’re outdoors hunting in cold weather, as you’ll be able to stay dry and warm even if you need to reach into slightly deeper water. 

Gloves that cover you up to the elbow also allow you to wear them over your jacket sleeves, increasing the amount of insulation in your arms.

If you feel like an elbow length glove might be a bit too cumbersome, there are also gloves that come with extended, elasticated wrist cuffs instead. These are useful on two levels. Firstly, they will create a waterproof seal around your wrist, meaning you can still dip into the water without any risk of it entering the inside of your gloves.

Secondly, elasticated, extended wrists also allow you to wear them over the ends of your jacket sleeves, helping to seal the gap that usually occurs between the end of your sleeves and the cuffs of your gloves and leaving you with no exposed skin.

Finger Access

Some duck hunting gloves also come with retractable fingertips and thumb tips, which allow you to pin them back and leave these parts of your hands exposed. This is especially useful in cold weather, so you can still take aim and fire your gun with a steady hand without needing to fully remove your gloves.

Gloves with retractable fingertips are also particularly good if you’d like to use your phone, as the fabric on the gloves may not unlock your device or activate your touchscreen.

Seamless Palms

A great feature that makes sure your hands stay dry is a seamless palm. This means that the hand of the glove has been constructed as a single unit, ensuring that no water can enter through the stitches. 

Seamless palms also remove any risk of stitches fraying, or getting caught and torn when you’re navigating through thick reeds.


As we know, your hands are going to be getting wet when you’re out duck hunting, which is going to directly impact your grip.

Luckily, many duck hunting gloves have got this problem solved and have incorporated rough textures to their palms and fingertips. These rough textures will allow you to place and remove decoys, and well as anything else you need to get into or out of the water, without risk of it slipping out of your hands.

Some gloves with a rough textured palm are also thin enough to let you operate your firearm without needing to remove them, and won’t let your fingers accidentally slip on the trigger - ideal for hunting in cold, wet weather.


Duck hunting gloves are a brilliant investment, but they don’t necessarily need to cost you a fortune. Before you begin shopping around, set yourself an ideal budget and see what you can get for the money you’ve set aside.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many decent hunting gloves that come with a good amount of features you can find at a reasonable price.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get duck hunting gloves?

Duck hunting will take you outside into cold, wet weather, and your hands will soon be feeling the effects of these conditions. Keeping your hands warm and dry will not only help to ensure you are comfortable on your hunting trip, but will also remove the risk of any waterborne bacteria getting into your system.

Should I get GoreTex or Neoprene gloves?

This essentially comes down to personal preference. Each one is waterproof, but they also have their own unique features that could sway you more towards one of them. GoreTex is designed to allow your hands to breathe, and lets moisture and sweat evaporate away whilst keeping any water from entering. Neoprene is fleece lined and insulated, so will keep your hands warm and dry, but lacks the breathability that GoreTex provides.

Can I use my gun and still wear gloves?

Many duck hunting gloves come with a rough texture on the palms and fingertips that, if thin enough to fit through the trigger hole, will allow you to pull the trigger without your hand slipping. Some gloves come with retractable fingertips that allow you to expose your shooting finger, so if you’d prefer the natural feel then a pair of these would be a great option.

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