Best Elk Hunting Boots

Hunting elk is one of the most physically demanding forms of big game hunting. Being out in the open all day, on all terrains and in all kinds of weather can really take its toll on your feet, so a really good pair of hunting boots is an absolute necessity.

A decent pair of elk hunting boots won’t only help to keep your feet protected and comfortable, but they can also improve your chances of getting your target by impacting your movements whilst you’re out in the field.

But with so many different options available, which are the best to go for?

We’ve taken the hard work out of the research and listed our favorites below, along with a useful guide on what to look for before making your decision.

If you’ve got an elk hunting trip coming up soon and need a great pair of boots to wear out in the field, check out our top pick below.

In a hurry? This is our Winner!

Our Top Pick
In a hurry? This is our Winner!
9.4/10 Our Score

Salomon Men’s X Ultra 3 MID GTX Hiking

  • 100% Synthetic
  • Rubber Sole
  • Waterproof Hiking Boots

Our Favorite Elk Hunting Boots in 2022

Image Product Technical Details Price
Top Pick

Salomon Men's X Ultra 3 MID GTX Hiking, Black/India Ink/Monument

Salomon Men’s X Ultra 3 MID GTX Hiking, Black/India Ink/Monument
  • Upper Material: leather, textile
  • Waterproofing: GORE-TEX Performance Comfort
  • Closure: lace
  • Claimed Weight: 1lb
  • Recommended Use: hiking & camping, backpacking
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Columbia Men's Bugaboot III Snow Boot, Black/Bright Red, 7 Columbia Men’s Bugaboot III Snow Boot, Black/Bright Red, 7
  • Weight: 24.5 oz / 694g (Size 9, 1/2 pair)
  • Boot Shaft Height: 18 cm
  • Boot Shaft Circumference: 27 cm
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Irish Setter Men's Elk Tracker WP 1000 Gram 12 Irish Setter Men’s Elk Tracker WP 1000 Gram 12″ Big Game Boot,Brown,10 EE US
  • Height: 12-inch
  • Waterproof: GORE-TEX®
  • Insulation: 1000g 3M™ Thinsulate™ Ultra
  • Leather Type: Full Grain, Waterproof
  • Construction: Goodyear Leather Welt
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Rocky Men's FQ0005455 Mid Calf Boot Rocky Men’s FQ0005455 Mid Calf Boot” to “Rocky BlizzardStalker Pro Waterproof
  • Calf Width: Medium
  • Upper Material: Leather
  • Insole Material: Foam
  • Color: Black
  • Features: Insulated, Padded, Waterproof
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Danner Mens 45003 Pronghorn 8 Danner Mens 45003 Pronghorn 8″ Gore-Tex Hunting Boot, Brown – 9 Wide
  • Style: 41340
  • Weight: 53 oz per pair
  • Height: 8″
  • Insulation: Non-Insulated
  • Color: Brown
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Top Boots for Elk Hunting – Full Reviews

1. Our Top Pick: Salomon X Ultra 3 Wide Mid GTX

Offering the lightweight stability needed for trekking all on types of terrain, the X Ultra 3 Wide Mid GTX by Salomon is the perfect boot for all hunters.

Constructed with an advanced chassis, which is surrounded by foam cushioning for extra comfort, it connects directly to the sole to help stabilize your heel.

Made with Gore-Tex techno fabric, your feet will be fully protected from even the worst weather whilst still being able to breath, and SensiFit technology will cradle your foot from the midsole right up to the lacing system, providing a secure, snug and customized fit all around the foot.

Waterproof PU coated leather and a protected toe cap will help to keep your feet warm, dry and safe, and a molded insole provides superior cushioning – ideal for when you’ll be on your feet all day long.

The soles of these boots are also constructed from two different types of rubber, which allows the heel to grab onto more difficult terrain without any difficulty, giving you more control on descents.

  • Built with an advanced chassis that provides comfort and extra stability
  • GoreTex fabric and SensiFit technology make this a waterproof boot that cradles your foot and provides a secure fit
  • The soles are made from two different types of rubber to provide superior grip even on descents
  • Some customers found that they weren’t suitable for people with wide feet

2. Danner Men’s Pronghorn Hunting Boot

These boots by Danner have been built specifically with hunting in mind. Constructed from their patented CamoHide leather, these durable boots will be able to handle whatever your day of hunting throws at them.

Fully waterproof thanks to GoreTex fabric, they won’t let a single drop of water enter your boots, whilst still allowing breathability for your feet and letting sweat and moisture escape.

They are also constructed using TerraForce technology which utilizes a combination of stitchdown and cement constructions, providing you with superior stability and durability.

TerraForce also combines an internal and external shank system, that helps to provide arch support and torsion control, without adding any extra weight to the shoe.

Offering a specific heel shape that helps to lock the heel in place and provide additional support and comfort across rougher terrains, these boots are ideal for any hunter that needs good mileage from their gear.

  • Fully waterproof without compromising breathability thanks to GoreTex fabric
  • Uses TerraForce technology to provide superior stability and durability
  • A specific heel shape helps lock the heel in place and offer extra support when crossing rough terrain
  • These boots are not insulated, so you’ll need to wear a thick pair of socks with them if hunting in cold weather

3. Columbia Men’s Bugaboot III

These classic, military-style boots by Columbia feature 200g insulation and thermal-reflective liners that have been engineered to withstand cold weather, snow and wet conditions down to -25°F, leaving your feet feeling warm and dry.

Made using a combination of leather, nylon, webbing and metal hardware, these hunting boots can be used to cross multiple terrains without compromising on comfort.

The built-in superior cushioning also provides maximum shock absorption, and the advanced traction outsole gives you ultimate grip on every surface.These boots also utilize a dual-zone winter tread pattern, that will provide amazing grip even when crossing ice and snow.

Customers that purchased these boots found that they kept their feet warm and dry, even in the coldest conditions, as well as helped to support their feet and ankles whilst hunting on rough terrain.

  • 200g insulation and thermal-reflective liners help keep your feet warm in temperatures as low as -25°F
  • Built-in cushioning acts as a shock absorber when crossing rough terrain
  • A dual-zone winter tread pattern provides grip when crossing ice and snow
  • The snugness of the fit makes these shoes feel a little bit tight, so it may be worth buying one size bigger than you would usually need

4. Irish Setter 860 Elk Tracker

Designed specifically with elk hunting in mind, these boots from Irish Setter feature an aggressive rubber sole for excellent traction, a shock absorbing cork midsole for long-lasting comfort and full-grain waterproof leather that will help you cross even the toughest terrain.

Using both GoreTex fabric and ScentBan technology, they allow breathability for your feet, allowing any moisture or sweat to evaporate away whilst killing any bacteria in the process, keeping your boots smelling clean and fresh even after a full day’s hunting.

They also feature durable, lightweight 1000g 3M Thinsulate that will keep your feet warm and dry even in the coldest conditions.

Customers that purchased these boots have commented that, along with being super warm and comfortable, they were also excellent for hunting elk thanks to the almost-silent nature of the rubber sole.

  • Features an aggressive rubber sole that provides excellent traction across multiple terrains
  • Constructed using GoreTex fabric and ScentBan technology to allow breathability and odor control
  • 1000g 3M Thinsulate keeps your feet warm and dry in cold conditions
  • Some customers found that, due to the boots insulation, they run a size small

5. Rocky BlizzardStalker Pro

Featuring 1200g insulation, the BlizzardStalker Pro by Rocky offers a thermal barrier to keep your feet warm in even the coldest conditions – ideal for stalking elk through the ice and snow.

The waterproof leather features CORDURA™ which helps to resist any wear and tear your boots may be subject to, as well as providing them with an extra waterproof layer, so you can rest assured that your feet will stay warm and dry.

Constructed with a TPU molded shell and heel, these boots also offer extra stability, and the padded heel collar provides additional comfort.

These great hunting boots also have a multi-direction Blizzard sole that gives you great traction and provides extra grip on difficult surfaces.

  • 1200g insulation offers a thermal barrier, keeping your feet cozy in cold weather
  • Waterproof CORDURA™ leather helps resist wear and tear
  • Multi-directional sole gives you extra traction on difficult terrains
  • These boots are less breathable than other boots

How to Choose the Right Boot for Elk Hunting

Hunting is all about being prepared, and when it comes to elk hunting you’ll be facing conditions that you ordinarily wouldn’t have to deal with when hunting other animals. With that in mind, you’re going to want a pair of boots that won’t let you down.

Elk Hunting Boots

From hunting conditions to breathability, there are many things to keep in mind before making your decision on which pair to buy. Take a look below for some things to consider when you’re shopping around.


The material that your boots are made from is potentially the most important factor to consider. You’re likely going to be in your hunting boots all day, so it’s imperative that they are durable, and can take anything that you’re going to throw at them.

Boots constructed from good quality leather are the best for hunting, as they will be able to take a good beating with minimal wear and tear.

Although nylon and synthetic materials are designed to be more waterproof, there are leather boots available that are constructed using technology such as GoreTex, which makes them just as waterproof as their synthetic counterparts.


Elk venture across multiple terrains, and you may be subjected to a variety of different surface textures whilst you stalk them. Bear this in mind when looking for your hunting boots, and think about what soles you need.

Boots that have multi-directional soles will offer you extra grip across ice, snow, forest floors and various other terrains. Some boots also offer soles that are constructed from multiple materials and have a variety of tread patterns which will offer you extra stability and grip, especially on downhill descents.


Obviously you know what size shoe you wear. But, some hunting boots are built with extra insulation which can make your usual size feel a little smaller. Stabilising materials within some boots can also make getting a boot that is in your usual shoe size a bit more difficult to get on your foot.

The perfect size hunting boot should feel just a little bit firm and not too tight, especially around the ankles and midsole. You should also be able to relax your toes, whilst leaving a little bit of room at the end of the shoe for them to stretch.


You’re almost guaranteed to encounter cold weather conditions when you’re out hunting elk, and the last thing you need is to feel like your feet are freezing. Luckily, many hunting boots have built in insulation that will help to keep your feet warm when you’re out on a long trip.

Boots that contain Thinsulate are particularly good as it is considered the warmest apparel insulation available. In fact, when equal thicknesses are compared, Thinsulate provies 1.5 times the warmth of down, and twice the warmth of standard loft insulation materials!


Whilst keeping your feet warm when out hunting in cold weather is an important factor to keep in mind, you’ll also want to look for a breathable fabric that will prevent any moisture or sweat getting trapped inside your boot.

Look for a pair of hunting boots that feature GoreTex. This has been specially designed to allow moisture to escape from the boots without losing any warmth or allowing any water in.

Some boots also contain ScentBan technology that will kill off any bacteria inside the boots, and help to keep them smelling clean and fresh, even after a long day hunting in them.

Waterproof Capabilities

Trekking through snow and ice, as well as potentially getting stuck in a torrential downpour of rain, is all a part of the hunting experience. But this doesn’t mean that your feet have to be sodden for the rest of the day.

Therefore, a pair of hunting boots that are waterproof are an absolute must. Look for boots that offer waterproof protection from the inside out, and feature technology that has been specifically created to help keep the water out.


As we know, when you’re out hunting elk you’re going to be facing many different terrains. With that in mind, you’ll need a pair of boots that will keep your feet, and particularly your ankles, supported whilst you’re walking in them.

Look for a hunting boot that contains extra built-in stability for your feet, and that will help to keep them sturdy and secure when tackling difficult terrains. Boots that offer additional ankle support are especially good, and will help to prevent any injuries should you trip or slip.

Some boots also come with padded heel collars, so your feet and ankles can remain sturdy and protected without compromising on comfort.


Your hunting boots are going to need to be securely fastened in order to make them comfortable, help provide extra stability and also to keep them on your feet. After all, you don’t want to be stopping every five minutes to fasten your boot laces!

Look for a pair of hunting boots that have a good, robust pair of laces that won’t fray when in use, or come undone until it’s time to take them off. Laces that extend to the ankle will also help to keep your feet secure, and work hand in hand with any built-in extra stability.

Keep in mind also, the eyelets and lace hooks will need to be extra strong to support the laces and make sure that the boots stay comfortably on your feet.

Noise Impact

Hunting elk requires a certain level of prowess as well as absolute silence. Bear this in mind when looking for your perfect pair of hunting boots, and go for a rubber soled pair that will make minimal noise when you’re wearing them. This will reduce the chances of you being heard, meaning you’ll have a better chance of getting closer to your target.

Breaking In

As is the case with all types of shoes, your hunting boots are going to take a bit of breaking in before they’re ready to be used in full action. Breaking your boots in before your hunting trip will help to minimize the risk of any blisters or foot injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features should I look for in an elk hunting boot?

As hunting elk is one of the most physically demanding forms of hunting, you’ll need a pair of boots that won’t let you down. A good elk hunting boot should be sturdy, insulated, waterproof and able to handle multiple terrains.

How much insulation does an elk hunting boot need?

When hunting elk, there is a high chance that you’re going to be out in the cold weather. To keep your feet warm and comfortable, look for a pair of hunting boots that contain anywhere between 600mg-1500mg of insulation.

What size boot do I need?

When you’re buying a pair of hunting boots, take into consideration the insulation and the stabilising materials. Both of these can make your boots feel tighter than your regular shoe size, and in some cases you may not be able to get them on at all. With this in mind, we would recommend choosing one size bigger than you would usually need.

What is GoreTex?

You may see GoreTex as a feature on many hunting boots. GoreTex is a waterproof fabric membrane that allows your feet to breath, allowing moisture and sweat to escape the boot without letting any water in.

What boot soles are best for elk hunting?

As elk venture across many different terrains, you’re going to want a boot that can handle multiple surface textures. Boots that have soles constructed from rubber, multiple materials or have multi directional tread patterns will help you cross a variety of different terrains with ease.

Why do I need to think about boot stability?

Crossing multiple terrains means that it’s easy to accidentally slip or trip up. Boots that offer extra stability help to keep your feet rigid and your ankles locked in place, which reduces the risk of any serious injuries if you do have an accident.

Our Top Pick
In a hurry? This is our Winner!
9.4/10 Our Score

Salomon Men’s X Ultra 3 MID GTX Hiking

  • 100% Synthetic
  • Rubber Sole
  • Waterproof Hiking Boots
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