13 Best States For Duck Hunting

Duck hunting is a great way to spend time with friends and family, enjoy the outdoors, and have some good laughs. The best part about it? You get to eat your catch for dinner!

If you are looking for a new place to hunt ducks, then you are in luck. In this blog post, we will discuss everything that makes up the perfect duck hunting state: weather conditions, season length (dates), types of ducks hunted per state, availability of hunting licenses per state–and more! We’ll also give you some tips on how to get started as well.  P. S. Don’t miss our reviews on the top breathable waders for duck hunting.

New York Duck Hunting

New York Duck Hunting

New York: the best weather for duck hunting is from November to January. The types of duck you can hunt in New York Include mallards, mergansers, and wood ducks. You need a hunting license to hunt any kind of game bird or waterfowl (unless you’re a resident)The season for duck hunting is from October 31st – November 17th annuallyIn New York, the best place to go duck hunting would be Long Island Sound: this area has more than 350 acres worth of freshwater marshesIf you are interested in getting started with Duck Hunting but don’t have your gear yet–no worries! There are plenty of places that rent out all types of equipment.

Texas Duck Hunting

Texas: in Texas, there are numerous types of ducks that can be hunted year-round. While some seasons last longer than others–January through March have a season of about 14 weeks–you’ll find plenty to hunt no matter what your skill level may be! You don’t need a license, and you’re allowed up to three ducks per day if you want to start shooting now.Texas’s Weather Conditions: With an average high temperature of around 61 degrees Fahrenheit during this period, it’s not only one of the most popular states for deer hunting but also among the best States for duck hunting as well!

North Carolina Duck Hunting

North Carolina is known for its duck hunting season of 32 weeks in a row, making it one of the longest seasons among all States for duck hunting! You’re allowed to hunt up to two ducks per day with any size shotgun, and you don’t need a license.North Carolina’s Weather Conditions: With an average high temperature of around 67 degrees Fahrenheit during this time, North Carolina is another great state for both deer and duck hunters alike as well!

Florida Duck Hunting

Weather Conditions: Florida has primarily sunny days throughout their season–which lasts from October through January–with temperatures averaging at 76 degrees Fahrenheit on average. This makes them one of the best states when considering weather conditions while looking into your personal preference.

Arizona Duck Hunting

Arizona is an underrated state for duck hunting. They offer excellent weather conditions–with an average high temperature around 71 degrees Fahrenheit during this period and a season that lasts from October to January on average.

Kentucky Duck Hunting

Duck hunting in Kentucky allows for a hunter to get up to four ducks per day with no limit on birds’ size. They also have a season that lasts from October through January, making it one of the best states for duck hunting when taking into account weather conditions too!

California Duck Hunting

California Duck Hunting California is not only known for its golden sunshine but excellent duck hunting opportunities too! Their season starts early in September and lasts until December 31st. The type of ducks you can hunt in California are mallards, black ducks, gadwalls, and more.

Massachusetts Duck Hunting

In Massachusetts, you can hunt through December 31st and get up to three ducks per day with no size limits on the birds too! The weather is great for duck hunting in November and has an average temperature of 52 degrees Fahrenheit during this period. This state has some of the best conditions for hunters looking to bag a few waterfowl each year!

Ohio Duck Hunting

Ohio Duck Hunting Ohio’s season lasts from October 15th until January 31st, making it one of the better states when considering how many days are left open for hunting. They also have a high maximum temperature of around 74 degrees Fahrenheit during this time frame, making them another top contender for one of the best states to hunt duck.

Montana Duck Hunting

Montana duck hunting is allowed year round, with a season starting on September 15th and ending on December 31st. They are one of the best states to hunt duck because they offer hunters extended hunting hours compared to many other States in America, with an average temperature high of 60 degrees Fahrenheit during this period too!

Illinois Duck Hunting

The Illinois state has a situation where there are no closed or open seasons for waterfowl, but it does have particular hunting types. The weather is cold and wet, so not ideal conditions for most people wanting to go out into nature, but if you’re willing, then Southern Illinois could be worth checking out as the area offers some great opportunities to bag some ducks!

Colorado Duck Hunting

You can expect to find many different duck types in Colorado, including scaup, pintail, gadwall, and mallards. The state has two hunting seasons for waterfowl, with the first season running from September 15th to December 31st and the second lasting March 30th to June 20th. Most people go out in Colorado during October or November when it’s not as hot but still warm enough that they’re able to enjoy themselves!

Florida Duck Hunting

There are a wide range of different types of ducks in Florida, including wood duck, cinnamon teal, blue-winged teal, and green-winged teals, too, so you’ll be spoilt for choice if you want some variety. During this period (October), visitors can expect average temperatures ranging between 60 degrees Fahrenheit at night and perfect weather to hunt duck during the daytime.

In Conclusion:

Now you have 13 of the best states for duck hunting. Duck hunting in a new state is an excellent way to try something different and enjoy the outdoors. Why not pack your bag and see what you find!

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