Deep into some of the most remarkable country in the Yukon, you'll find one of the best moose hunts available. John Mogle states "This is one of the best hunts I've ever been on! I saw over 15 mature bulls in the five days I hunted! Both my partner and I harvested great bulls! Shawn and his wife were great to accomodate us and I look forward to going back."

  • AVAILABILITY: 1-2 spots
  • TROPHY SIZE: 60"+
  • DATES: Sept. 29-Oct 10 (other dates can potentially be arranged)
  • INCLUDES: Transportation from Whitehorse to camp. Guide hunts with Argos, horses or boats
  • EXCLUSIONS: Trophy fees (only charged if animal is harvested): Griz (available in addition) - $7,250, Caribou (available in addition) - $6,000
  • TRANSPORTATION: Hunter is responsible for travel to Whitehorse.
  • PRICE $23,200 Sale: $19,200

CALL TO BOOK: (435) 528-5080