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Nightforce TS-82 Spotting Scope Review (Nightforce vs. Vortex)

Long Range hunting and shooting distances in the olden days were around 300 yards. Hunting was usually done with a .30-06 or .270 Winchester; and more often than not, assisted by a straight 6x Redfield scope. The shooter would usually crack one off and say, “Where did I hit?” The guy next to him would squint through his eight-power bino’s and shout out the appropriate adjustment, which was wrong two out of three times, because he couldn’t see well enough through the glass to be accurate.


A side-by-side comparison draws different pros and cons from each scope. While the Nightforce is nearly $1000 more than the Vortex, the range goes to 70x power, offering a little extra zoom.

In today’s long-range shooting world, shots are taken anywhere from 500 to 1,000 yards. When you spend time on a busy range here in the west, with plenty of room to stretch your barrel out, you can often find guys shooting beyond 1,000 yards. The difference between the old days and now is due to a plethora of reasons; the most notable being the presence of comrades standing next to the shooter, spotting the impact of the bullet through high quality spotting scopes.

These optics are not only crucial for spotting the impact of the bullet at these long ranges but are also critical to spotting game during low light conditions. Therefore, a good spotting scope has to be part of your arsenal for long-range hunting and shooting.

In the past, European-made optics have dominated the high-end spotting scope market; but times are changing. New optics companies come and go about as regularly as the eruption of Old Faithful; however, a few of these relatively new companies will be around for a long time.

I had heard a lot of buzz about two particular spotting scopes that I wanted to get my hands on and try out, since most of my personal scopes are from European descent. In particular, the Nightforce TS-82MM Xtreme Hi Def, with a 20-70-power eyepiece, and the Vortex Razor 85 MM Ultra High Def with a 20-60-power eyepiece were the ones I was interested in. 

Wilderness Athlete - Altitude Advantage

You’ve just arrived at your once in a lifetime rocky mountain high altitude hunt.  The excitement you feel to hit the hills is only increased by the knowledge that you’ve put in the time and exercise to ensure that your body is ready for strain that these mountains can inflict.  

You quickly set up camp, grab your pack and head up the closest hill to get in a few hours of scouting in before sunset.  At first you notice a slight pressure behind your eyes.  30 minutes into your hike your head is pounding.  An hour later, you’re stumbling back to camp, stomach rolling, short on breath, with a splitting headache.

By not giving your body ample time to adjust, you’ve been taken over by Altitude Sickness which can keep you in camp anywhere from 1 to 3 days if not more.  But how can a guy that is limited on time as is, take an additional two days off of work and time away from your family to allow your body to “adjust?”

That’s why the guys at Wilderness Athlete have developed Altitude Advantage and the Hy-Altitude Advantage Kit.  These products give the edge back to hunters venturing into the high country, either for the first time in a season or the 40th time.

By combining cutting edge science and their proprietary blend of herbal remedies, Altitude Advantage increases your ability to perform in these unforgiving places.

We’ve been using Altitude Advantage for over 30 days now at elevations up to 11,000 ft, and its made a world of difference in performance and energy in our high elevation hunts.


  • Helps reduce fatigue, inflammation, and lactic acid build-up
  • Improves circulation throughout the body, including brain and lungs which are particularly sensitive to low oxygen conditions
  • Contains potent, natural antioxidants to quell free-radicals produced under physically-demanding environmental conditions
  • Increases enjoyment of high-elevation sports and activities by reducing the unpleasant, undesirable side effects of diminished oxygen and barometric pressure

Check them out at :

Custom Long Range Rifles - Fierce Firearms

Custom long range rifle - Fierce Firearms

Fierce Firearms introduces it’s new Fury TXR custom long range rifle. The TXR is built on a precision titanium receiver, carbon fiber stock, and stainless fluted barrel that gives you lightweight strength and accuracy. The entire barreled action is coated with Fierce’s proprietary LastGaurd coating that keeps your bolt running smooth and the harsh conditions out. If you are looking for a long range package Fierce has you covered. The long range rifle in magnum calibers only weighs six pounds and delivers true 1/2” three shot group accuracy at 100 yards. Their trained staff can set up your rifle with the optic of your choice and have it dailed in ready to go for you. Go to today to get the Titanium eXtreme long range rifle for your next hunting adventure.