The Call of the Yukon


Eva Shockey and Her Pursuit for Caribou and Wolf in the Yukon


The enormity of the Yukon Territory is unfathomable for most hunters, unless experienced. The Rogue River Outfitting territory encompasses more than 12,000 square miles of hinterlands and wilderness…without a city, town or highway to spoil its purity. Few places have changed so little over time; with its vast wilderness, spotted with magnificent moose, caribou, grizzly bears and wolves, the Yukon is magnificently beautiful and incomprehensibly massive.

Luckily for me, sometime before 1988, God decided to plunk me down to earth under the parental supervision of Jim Shockey -- professional hunter, outfitter and glorified caveman -- Jim Shockey, whose dream it was to run an outfitting company in the Yukon Territories since he was a boy; and Jim Shockey, who accomplished that goal 30-odd years later, when he took ownership of the exclusive hunting rights to the Rogue River area in the pristine Yukon. Skip ahead another 25 years or so, and here I am, merely a pin point in the middle of this huge chunk of prime hunting real-estate with a caribou tag in my pocket and a week of father-daughter time ahead of me.

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The Purgatory Lion

By Les Johnson


Sitting under a big spruce tree as the soft pitter patter of rain continued to fall from the sky, made it feel like you could just slip into a deep sleep. It was cool, tranquil, and very soothing, yet it left you with a feeling of eeriness because the surrounding woods seemed like they were super quiet. I could hear very easily all of the noises that were being made in the woods, including the water droplets that were falling from the branches of trees overhead and landing on the forest floor with a thud. The droplets were big enough that whenever they would hit a leaf on the ground, they would actually sound like a twig snapping. My partner was sitting about 30 yards to my right, next to a quaken aspen tree which had an old barely visible logging trail that ran right in front of it and led past my position. The grass on the old road was 18 inches tall and scattered with the occasional small bush. Not really thick, you could probably see a mouse running through it.

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