Man Cannot Live By Deer Hunting Alone


I think everybody hanging around the Nuge Spirit campfire can agree on another hunting lifestyle truism: deer hunters do not live by deer hunting alone! Every deer hunter I know lives a wonderful hunting lifestyle; we manipulate our schedules, responsibilities, and lives, every way we possibly can, to get out there as much as humanly possible—to hunt, fish, and trap every species we possibly can—as often as we possibly can.

Ya think!

Not skipping a beat since the wrap up of what can only be described as the best deer hunting season of my life, for 2014/2015, I charged full speed ahead into hog whacking, varmint slamming, and exotic back-strap-ambushing-heaven fulltime.

My hog whacking, Blood Brother, Pig man Brian Quaca, once again joined up with the masters of “Death from Above,” Johnny, Terrell, and Craig at Heli-Hunters, LLC, and hit the helicopter airways to lead-hose down some earth-destroying, wild swine in Texas. 50% 50% repeat-y scroll transparent;">

Killing literally 100s and 100s of wild hogs from choppers, with my M4 machinegun is so much fun there simply aren’t any words available to adequately describe it.

Smart people with a proper sense of decency and goodwill know that this essential widespread slaughter of feral swine from choppers is the definitive win-win-win-win-win on all fronts. While information- and truth-challenged whiners will always make up bizarre complaints, we carry on with what can only be described as environmental God’s work.

  1. We halted the tax-wasting, indiscriminate poisoning campaign that was planned.
  2. We save family farms and ranches from widespread hog destruction and crop damage.
  3. We save the environment from widespread erosion.
  4. We save untold wildlife from hog predation.
  5. We halt the spread of disease.
  6. We save tax dollars by halting government shooting campaigns.
  7. We created a huge new industry, bringing in huge revenues to new family businesses.
  8. We feed 1000s of needy Americans the ultimate, purely organic, free-range, delicious, wild pork.
  9. Excuse me whilst I cool off my machinegun barrel and adjust my reasoning predator halo.

Only tax wasting bureaucrats and goofballs that allow them, blow it by hiring so called “sharpshooters” to kill our game. Such buffoonery should be outlawed. Those critters belong to “we the people,” not the king or his soulless henchmen, thank you.

Combined with the daily excitement of my year-round trap line on our SpiritWild Ranch home grounds in Texas, tree-stand tweaking, food plot preparation, and shed hunting, I get real lucky to participate in some very special events with some very special people.

Shemane and I were honored to celebrate the grand opening of Joe Palermo’s Action Arms gun store in Sulphur, Louisiana, with a few thousand Spirit of the Wild Blood Brother families and hero warriors of the US Military and law enforcement.

These fine, generous Americans in the great Sportsman’s Paradise helped raise more than $10,000 for our Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids and Freedom’s Angels charities and a grand time was had by all.

A huge Uncle Ted SALUTE to everyone there who made us feel right at home. It sure was a powerful reminder of exactly how kind, giving, caring, down-to-earth, and friendly real America still is. God bless you all.

Then I went down to Florida where we hooked up with the hardcore husband and wife hunting maniacs, Paul and Sara Byrd, and their world class guide service in pursuit of my very first Osceola longbeard.

Striving to fulfill my post-deer-season-husband-duties for my Queen of the Forest, I didn’t get out till late in the afternoon; but Paul Byrd knows his hunting grounds, and just three hours later, my mystical flight of the GoldTip Nuge arrow found its mark on a gorgeous Osceola thunder chicken.

With a two-bird limit and unlimited hogs, deer galore, world-class waterfowl hunting, and big, toothy, prehistoric alligators to get after, I will be spending more time in Florida with Paul and have some more fun hunting stories to share with you real soon.

‘Never a dull moment’ pretty much describes my wild life, and I am more than happy and honored to share it with my back strap Blood Brothers in my various writings. We certainly don’t live by deer hunting alone, but everything we do in the hunting world will help us be better deer hunters; I wish you all maximum joyous time in the great outdoors no matter the activity, and good luck in all your pursuits.