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Unsuccessful - Didn't Draw a Tag? Now What?

 hi70-md-pkendall-02The most dreaded word of the spring. Draw results are starting to roll in from across the western mule deer states. Mule deer hunters are obsessively checking their email inboxes to see if they got lucky and drew the mule deer hunt of their dreams. Odds are, you’re not going to find yourself as one of the lucky few to have an Arizona Strip or a Henry Mountain deer tag in your pocket. Pretty good odds you might not even find yourself with a Wyoming Region G, or any other number of popular deer tags in your pocket. If you’re really unlucky, you didn’t even draw a deer tag for one of the many Utah general deer units. Sometimes life just isn’t fair! Hopefully you’re a savvy hunter and you have a backup plan. Landowner tags are always a good way to guarantee a hunt if you have the means to afford them. Colorado, Utah, and Nevada seem to offer the best options for guys willing to spend some money on a guaranteed tag.

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