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Aware of the sun disappearing below the distant ridge I clung to a small aspen, not wanting to sit down for fear that I might not be able to get back to my feet. I was completely spent, working for every breath…and freezing! Hours earlier, I had lost my wool coat which had been secured to the back of my pack. Adding insult to injury, in the pocket of that coat were my fire-starting materials. Although I had my wool pants, my top half was covered by nothing more than a mere lightweight undershirt. It was mid-November, I was in Colorado, had drawn a late season buck tag, and I was hunting alone.

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Picking The Right Optics


 Why you should carry a good spotting scope,

range finder and binoculars

Twenty five miles north of the Utah border, Idaho’s Albion range rises out of the vastsagebrush and agriculture country of hes

parsely populated Cassia County.Here stand the highest peaks in Idaho south of the winding serpent like Snake River.

Cache Peak at 10,339’ stands above her slightly shorter sister Mount Independence at 9,950’. It was here on acool July morning several decades ago that I mounted up a secondhand spotting scope on a cheap silver photographer’s tripod and changed my mule deer hunting forever.

A bachelor group of a baker’s dozen fed with purpose between a small lichen spotted rock slide and a patch of snarled old stunted pine trees. The deer staying just within the shrinking shade like vampires as the hot summer sun rose above the rocky horizon.

From over a mile away I marveled at the intimacy the spotting scope offered me with the deer. The deer were oblivious to the intrusion of their morning routine. The predator instinct deep between my skull hungered to be closer, but there was something magical about being there with them from a distance.

There is one common theme, talent, trait, skill, whatever you want to call it, among consistent successful mule deer hunters. They know how to glass and they have the right glass for the job. Regardless of your weapon of choice, season, state, age, race, or gender, the following optics pieces will make you a better mule deer hunter.

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Zamberlan Tofane 1025 Review


To be honest, I was skeptical…having loved my old boots and not really having a reason to change brands. However, a few of my colleagues were all abuzz about a new player in the hunting boot business. Apparently, a well-established hiking-backpacking boot company was making its way into the hunting arena. And not just any backpacking boot company, but Zamberlan — the maker of the world’s finest Italian hiking and backpacking boots.

Could Zamberlan make the transition to the hunting industry which is already flooded with boots for the beginner through to the professional hunter/athlete? Embarking on a journey to see what the buzz was all about, I laced up my boots and went down to the local sports show to see if I could find out more about this new player in the hunting industry.

Finding the Zamberlan booth was easy as it was filled with people trying on boots. At first I wasn’t impressed as I stood there waiting my turn; then out of nowhere a voice said, “I will be with you as soon as I get a chance.” A couple of minutes later I was thrust into the world of Zamberlan hunting boots. First came a history lesson on Zamberlan and their longevity in the hiking and backpacking industry. Second, was a lesson on boots and what truly makes a great hunting boot. Last, but not least, came the fitting of multiple boots that complimented my style of hunting. I was impressed with the boots.

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