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The Barnes VOR-TX Centerfire Rifle ammunition lineup will see the addition of a 300 AAC Blackout, 120 grain TAC-TX round and a 338 Lapua, 280 grain LRX round. The TAC-TX and LRX bullets featured in these loads utilize proven Barnes’ all-copper bullet technology and performance – complete penetration, virtually 100-percent weight retention, and double diameter expansion.



The Artemis Special features some of the best scroll engraving to come out of the world-renowned engraving house of Italy. We utilize a side plate receiver to highlight this beautiful artwork. The Rizzini factory artisans hand finish the engraving and put numerous hours of work into every shotgun. Battista Rizzini, himself, hand selects every piece of Turkish walnut wood that goes into our 26 line-per-inch precision checkered stocks. This makes the Artemis a must-have for your collection.  www.rizziniusa.com

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Aware of the sun disappearing below the distant ridge I clung to a small aspen, not wanting to sit down for fear that I might not be able to get back to my feet. I was completely spent, working for every breath…and freezing! Hours earlier, I had lost my wool coat which had been secured to the back of my pack. Adding insult to injury, in the pocket of that coat were my fire-starting materials. Although I had my wool pants, my top half was covered by nothing more than a mere lightweight undershirt. It was mid-November, I was in Colorado, had drawn a late season buck tag, and I was hunting alone.

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