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Tines Up Phonecam Review

For several years, Tines Up has been a leading force in providing sportsmen with quality digiscoping ability. ScopeCam adapters have allowed hunters to connect their point and shoot, DSLR, and video cameras to their spotting scopes, producing stunning results.

PhoneCam is the newest product in the digiscoping world to hit the market. With its sleek design and very low profile, users can connect their smartphone directly to a spotting scope to capture amazing photos and video!phonecam review1

PhoneCam uses the 58mm ScopeCam adapter, and threads onto a tab ring that can be mounted to nearly any phone case―no need to change your case if you don’t want to. The tab ring is lightweight and compact, allowing you to leave it on your phone case permanently―no need to switch phone cases when you head for the hills to do some scouting.

PhoneCam is also offered in a “Total Package” which includes the adapter and tab ring that is pre-mounted to a phone case. Simply snap your phone in, and you’re ready to go!
Machined out of aircraft quality aluminum, the PhoneCam adapter is lightweight, durable, and fitted to the exact specifications of your scope.

PhoneCam is a superior digiscoping product because of its lightweight, sleek design, low profile, and ease of use. Leave the case on your phone all the time so you’re ready to capture that big buck or bull at a moment’s notice.

If you want to capture better images and video while spending time in the outdoors, check us out at www.tinesup.com