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Young Mule Deer in Snow

Mule Deer Hunting


According to the late American Astronomer Carl Sagan, “You have to know the past to understand the present.” Over 10 years ago, the space probe Philae was launched from earth unnoticed by most, if not all mule deer hunters.

Think back on the past 10 years of mule deer and mule deer hunting. Probably most noteworthy are the advances in modern hunting equipment. Humans are incredibly adaptive and efficient predators. Necessity no longer drives our predatory instincts like it has since the beginning of man. We do not need to kill mule deer in order to survive; yet something inside each of us drives us to become better at it each and every year.

Laser range finders, improved optics, better bullet construction, and a better understanding of external ballistics by the common hunter has changed the landscape of modern mule deer hunting. From ATVs, GPS imaging, and advances in everything from outerwear, to boots, to apps on our phones, together they have taken us to the next level in hunting evolution.

Who knows what the next 10 years will bring.

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Long-Range Hunting

Hunting High and Hard

Finding a new secret hunting spot on public ground isn’t easy. This hunt started in June as my good friend Paul Klassen and I decided to find a new spot to hunt deer. We researched deer densities and talked to Fish and Game Officers to narrow down some areas that held promise. We also used Google earth to look at some terrain that had few roads and fewer ATV trails. I called the forest service and learned that the one main road into the area had been closed to motor vehicle traffic.  With this information, we had found the area, and a scouting trip later we knew we had chosen wisely.

Backpacking into the high country takes planning and logistics as well as the physical and mental discipline to put forth the effort needed...

Elk Hunting:
How to Avoid Meat Spoilage

I was riding around with a rancher the other day who was telling me about a big bull he had shot on one of Utah’s limited entry units in the late 90s.  He told me it was a hot day when they killed it and by the time they had it taken care of, loaded in the panniers on the horses, and back to the house, at least 10 hours had passed.  He left it in his garage overnight and awoke the next morning to a horrible smell.  He told me the meat had spoiled and the hair had slipped off the cape so he didn’t even mount it. “I had no idea that could have happened so fast,” he told me.