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"I remember one Christmas, when I was just shy of 12 years old; my parents got me a bow, and it changed my life. I was hooked and couldn’t put it down. I had to know and understand everything about how and why it worked like it did and how to utilize it to the very best of my ability. My father got a bow for himself so we could learn together. Back in those days, we didn’t have the information available to us that we do today so it was a long hard road to learn as much as we did. Since that Christmas, I have spent the better part of my life shooting, experimenting, and testing myself and my equipment to become a better archer. My dad used to say there is a difference between a gift and a present. A present is something you buy for someone and a gift is well thought out and is made for or has special interest for that person. He never knew how much a bow would influence my life. Thank you dad for everything and for giving me that bow. My father passed away in 2011, but his influence is still with me in everything I do. Life is short; so cherish and embrace your loved ones today."

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Mule Deer Behavior and Patterns

One buck, three personalities

Mule deer hunters typically face three very different hunting periods in the fall, with each offering its own unique pros and cons. Generally the first period runs from mid August to mid September. The second runs from mid September to the end of October, with the third running the month of November. You may be hunting the same deer, but bucks seem to have different personalities to match these three unique time periods.

Weather is the biggest game changer as it affects feed, cover, hunter access, deer movement, and a myriad of other factors that will affect hunter success. Deer behavior, especially that of mature bucks changes drastically with each of the three time periods. Even non migratory deer will change their habits and behaviors throughout the fall. Understanding each period and adapting your hunting to match the season will help you harvest more mature bucks.

outdoor survival:
WATER preparation

Ever been thirsty? I mean really, REALLY thirsty? Your mouth feels like cardboard, your tongue swells till it seems bigger than your forearm, you’re lightheaded and feverish, and all you can think about is water. WATER! You’d gladly trade that trophy tag that took you 17 years to draw for one tall glass of water. Here, throw in this custom rifle – I don’t want it. Just give me a drink. I’ve only been truly thirsty a couple of times, and honestly, have never been as desperate as outlined above. But I have been within hours of being there. It’s not a good feeling, and has taught me to always be aware of my water (or lack thereof), and where I can get more. The average human can survive approximately three days without water, but usually only one day before losing some amount of mental capacity. Two days without water will leave most folks befuddled, weak, and illogical (not a good state when searching for a drink). The third day will find your average person delirious and on a rapid slide toward death.